A & W Coney Dog recipe

A &  W Coney Dog recipe

 “This meal is not only cheap and delicious,
children in their adulthood will fondly remember mum for making this hot dog.”

Chopinand, co-author of ChopinandMysaucepan


As a kid growing up in Malaysia, I remember looking forward to Tuesdays of each week. It is on Tuesdays that A & W outlets around Kuala Lumpur would have the Coney Dog day.

The deal was seemingly irresistible at the time. A succulent sausage ladened with meat sauce in a soft hotdog bun topped with diced onions and cheese. In addition the deal comes with a large mug of icy cold A & W rootbeer float with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top. I look forward to Tuesdays because I could catch up with my school friends at an A & W outlet. I would save up all my pocket money so I could afford  all of two Malaysian Ringgit (the equivalent of A$0.60 cents today).

So I decided to relive my childhood memory this week and scouted around the internet for a chilli dog recipe. Many of the recipes make reference to A & W chilli dog or Coney Island chilli dog and most of the recipes were very similar if not almost identical. I thought this must be a good thing since consistency is one of the foremost tenets of every successful fast food franchise.

Ingredients for A & W Coney Dog

Ingredients for A & W Coney Dog

I tried to follow the recipe as much as possible but I am glad that I made a few adjustments because I am so pleased with the outcome.

Meat sauce for A & W Coney Dog on the simmer

Meat sauce for A & W Coney Dog on the simmer

I smile as I take the first taste  of the scrumptious looking meat sauce that is simmering in the pot.

The taste and flavour are so similar that it immediately took me back in time to those carefree Tuesday afternoons where my friends and I would wild away the time in A & W until the manager came to get us to be on our way.

A & W Coney Dog

A & W Coney Dog

This is food that kids absolutely love because it’s tasty and satisfies the voracious appetites and hunger pangs of growing teenagers.

The meat sauce is obviously the key because there is nothing much else that could go awry in this simple recipe.

A & W Coney Dog: Every mouthful of this dog makes me hungrier!

Every mouthful of this dog makes me hungrier!

I just took one bite of this Coney dog, closed my eyes and I could visualised my schooldays back in Kuala Lumpur. Those days were carefree, fun and relentless.

Schweppes Sarsaparilla as a substitute for A & W Rootbeer

Schweppes Sarsaparilla as a substitute for A & W Rootbeer

To relive my childhood experience to the full effect, I just had to get a bottle of Schweppes’ Sarsaparilla which is the equivalent of a Sarsi or A &  W’s famed root beer which is difficult to find in Sydney.

Pour the sarsaparilla into a big glass of crushed iced and you have the effect of A & W’s rootbeer. It’s a refreshing drink after a round of golf on a hot day too.

The taste of Sarsaparilla is not my favourite but it does go well with the Coney Dog maybe because of its familiarity.

I would choose this hotdog over the usual burger at the pub as it would go down quite well with an icy cold beer as well.

It is also a fantastic alternative to pizzas or a Big Mac because I know exactly what goes into the sauce. I would definitely make a bigger pot of meat sauce the next time because it can easily be freezed in batches.

This meal is not only cheap and delicious, I believe children in their adulthood will fondly remember mum for making this hot dog for them when they were little.

A & W Coney Dog

A & W Coney Dog

So dear readers, what is your favourite fast food and would you try to prepare it at home?

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19 Responses to A & W Coney Dog recipe

  1. Oh, this brings back memories for me too! Your coney dog looks pretty wholesome. And the root beer is most definitely an important element – sometimes we just go to A & W for a root beer float and not much else.

  2. Juliana says:

    I must admit that I am not a hot dog fan…but I think I will be able to enjoy this one…love the meat sauce on it…looks delicious :) I have not had root beer for ages…
    Hope you are having a lovely week :)

  3. No matter what time of day, I would love to indulge in a hot dog especially because of all that meat and a big glass of icey cold root beer/sars. there’s just something about that drink that keeps me so addicted!

  4. Krystle says:


    There are a heap of Asian supermarkets near me in Sydney where you can get A&W root beer 😉

    • Chopinand says:

      Dear Krystle,

      You are absolutely right! I now remember seeing them in Asian grocery stores but definitely not in Coles or Woolies. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. bams Kitchen says:

    Your recipe could not have been better planned. My youngest teenager has been begging me to make chili dogs. I love your version as you use an assortment of healthy ground meats and flavors. I will have to try your recipe this weekend. BAM

  6. Charmaine says:

    Your coney dog looks delicious. It brings back memories of hanging at the A&W outlet near school with friends. We looked forward to Coney Dog Tuesdays and Root Beer.

  7. Libby says:

    This looks delicious! The meat sauce looks good enough to eat on its own, I reckon :)

  8. Winston says:

    Dude what a great reason to throw a party with a theme of “childhood faves” so I can make this for friends to share. Who doesn’t love A&W!! Curly fries are da booooomb… Can’t get enough of em and I’ve saved this recipe cause I really, really want to make this now!

  9. I have never tried a hot dog that wasn’t just a bun and a stick of mystery meat inside. I’ve got to expand my horizons. This looks great!

  10. Raymund says:

    I also loved this when I was younger back in the Philippines, we always had this on weekend with my friends.

  11. I just sent this post to my Malaysian colleague and she said it brought back so many memories for her. Thanks Chopinand!

  12. This is by far the best looking hot dog I’ve seen. I’m not a huge hot dog fan so I only eat it at BBQ party, but with this recipe, I’d love to try making this myself. Looks so delicious!!!!!

  13. tigerfish says:

    I cannot even remember how A&W coney dog taste like! gosh…did I even try it before???

    I only remember the root beer float.

  14. Everything about this recipe, spells “nostalgic!” Especially that sarsaparilla!!

  15. This looks super delicious and I love remaking childhood favourite recipes. Hmm it’s pretty difficult to pick a favourite fast food. Fried chicken, doughnuts, burgers, fries??? For all of these I’d probably need a deep fryer and my arteries are probably thanking me for not having one on hand so easily as I suspect I’d be using it way too frequently! Hehe

  16. ChopinandMysaucepan, the A & W was part of my childhood memories, too. I’m tickled that you recreated the Coney Dog! I ordered those or their Corn Dog (ate it with mustard only — such a treat) and always a rootbeer! Thanks for this blast from the past.

  17. This looks way better than the hot dog I had at Stitch! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

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