Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

I have never been quite a fan of beef Wellington because cooking it well requires a certain level of skill and timing, which is probably why I’ve never attempted it. And the ones that I have tasted before seemed like eating an overdone steak with the occasional obligatory mouthful of pastry.

Therefore when our friends Chris and Peta invited us for beef Wellington, Mysaucepan let the cat out of the bag and blurted that wasn’t quite my favourite dish. Fancy telling your hosts what they should cook and scoring another invite from them ever again! But we know every time Chris and Peta entertain, their guests  are feted with a great time – good food, great wines and of course, great company, so who can’t handle that?

Peta's beautiful candle holder

Check out some nice drops that night..I love pre-dinner drinks, mingle and catch up on banter whilst savouring the aromas from the kitchen, especially when Chris is cooking.

Wines for the night

Having a drink while watching Chris weave his magic in the kitchen is fun. At least I got to see how beef Wellington was being prepared. The pastry was being wrapped around a beautiful piece of eye fillet that is encrusted with mushrooms and pate.

Beef Wellington in the making
True to his form, Chris pulls off a great dish where the beef has been beautifully cooked while the golden brown pastry fluffy and crisp.

Beef Wellington
A wonderful mushroom sauce complemented the flavours of the beef and I sheepishly asked for seconds and thirds.

Beef Wellington

My previous images of a poor beef Wellington have been buried, thanks to Chris. For dessert, he kicked us with heavenly poached beurre blanc pears in red wine with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.


Thanks Chris, you’re a legend and we hope to be invited again, hint hint!

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3 Responses to Beef Wellington

  1. Sounds like a fantastic dinner! Are you going to master beef wellington and share the recipe? :) This ought to be a good challenge 😛

  2. cheffresco says:

    Thanks for visiting our site! This beef wellington looks amazing! Super supper!

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    Gordon Ramsay would be proud of you. You know he’s a stickler for a perfect Wellington. And yours looks beyond wonderful. 😉

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