Beschico, Epping

Lee with a plate of fried chicken

Lee with a plate of fried chicken

I know quite a few people who have a weakness for fried chicken – the crispy, juicy, deep-fried mouthful that momentarily sends you to heaven.

For my latest deep fried craving, I round up another four fried chicken partners in crime. No, we’re not hitting the nearest KFC outlet tonight. Instead, we head to Epping to check out Beschico, a restaurant serving Korean style fried chicken.

Located opposite the Epping train station on Beecroft road, we are greeted by a friendly and delightful waitress who is fluent in four different languages. Lee tells us there are three different types of fried chicken at Beschico –  classic, hot and original.

The classic is crispy pieces of deep fried chicken, original has a soy and garlic sauce whilst hot comes with a spicy sweet sauce.

The menu - Beschico, Epping

The menu - Beschico, Epping

The restaurant appears to be a cross between a fast food outlet, karaoke club and internet cafe. A large menu is on display at the ordering counter while there are also intimate dining booths and a more formal seating area at the front of the restaurant. A huge overhead screen is blaring out Korean pop and talent-time programs for “added entertainment” while you dine.

The menu consists predominantly various types of fried chicken with the obligatory noodle item and fried rice. So if fried chicken does not tickle your fancy, then this place is not for you.

The friendly owner Grace, tells us there are karaoke rooms available upstairs for hire too. But for now, it is fried chicken that we came here for.

Hot & spicy fried chicken (Whole chicken $34)

Hot & spicy fried chicken (Whole chicken $34)

We order a plate of whole chicken consisting a half each of hot spicy and soy garlic sauce. Deep fried pieces of chicken are drizzle with a spicy sauce which has more sweetness than heat.

Garlic & soy fried chicken (Whole chicken $34)

Garlic & soy fried chicken (Whole chicken $34)

I prefer the garlic and soy version as I think fried chicken should be more savoury than sweet. These two versions are less crispy than the classic which we will have to leave for our next visit here.

The deep fried chicken also comes in drumettes (the small drumstick part of the chicken wing) for those who like to tuck in with their fingers.

Korean Max draft 500ml $7

Korean Max draft 500ml $7

There are a few Asian beers on tap – Max (Korean), Asahi & Sapporo (Japanese) that are available in varying sizes from 330ml to a 1600ml jug. Apart from a gassy Coke, I think beer is one of the best sinful partners of a greasy piece of deep fried chicken.

Bossam kimchi $35

Bossam kimchi $35

A bossam kimchi is a large platter of tender pork belly, radish kimchi to be wrapped with pieces of cooked wombok.

Bossam kimchi - pork belly, kimchi and cooked wombok wrap

Bossam kimchi - pork belly, kimchi and cooked wombok wrap

Smear some thick bean paste, raw slices of garlic and green chilli into the wrap and you have a mouthful of spicy and sweet Korean flavours.

Dining room, Beschico, Epping

Dining room, Beschico, Epping

Beschico, Epping

Beschico, Epping

So dear readers, do you get a craving for fried chicken and if so, where do you go for your fix?

41, Beecroft road, Epping
New South Wales
Tel: +61 2 9869 8188

Business hours:

Sunday to Thursday 11am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to midnight.

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15 Responses to Beschico, Epping

  1. Juliana says:

    I love fried chicken, but do not make at home, so when we are craving for it we go to a restaurant that have broasted chicken…it is so good!
    The chicken in this restaurant looks delicious, like it sweet and spicy :)

  2. Celia says:

    I love fried chicken, but have never tried it Korean style. Thanks for the headsup! :)

  3. Baby Sumo says:

    I’ve read abt Korean fried chicken many times, but I dont think anywhere in KL has it. Bossam kimchi looks great, I ate it once before in a Korean restaurant in Ampang and it was sooooo good… melt-in-your-mouth!

  4. DZ says:

    The Korean fried chicken looks so good…!!!

  5. Look at all that meat! I’m drooling all over the keyboard…:D I love fried chicken, although I’m not too sure where I’d go for a good fix…this place looks pretty good!

  6. This sounds like a dangerous place for the waistline! Delicious but dangerous! 😛

  7. i love love love korean food! everything here looks so mouth watering ! that pork belly….ohh….!!!! wish i could tuck into that yummy looking platter.

  8. Y’all feasted like Korean Kings, I’d say–sooo jelly. I miss this kind of food so much!

  9. After seeing this post, I just realized that I have not had fried chicken for a *really* long time. I was probably in high school when I last had a piece of fried chicken! I got a recipe last year for a baked version of “fried chicken” that is supposed to taste as good/real as the KFC ones. You just reminded me that I need to try that recipe to see if it lives up to its claim! =)

  10. Row says:

    I prefer sweet and sticky fried chicken, but really, any kind of fried chicken is fine by me. You’re right, beer is the perfect partner for a plateful of chicken! :)

  11. I love this place! Amazing boneless fried chicken… I had no idea they had karaoke rooms upstairs. I wonder if they have much English songs to sing along to. Worth checking out again! 😀

  12. woohoo glad you made it. The plain fried chicken is definitely the crunchiest, and I agree, nothing makes fried chicken taste better than an ice cold beer!

  13. tigerfish says:

    We have Bonchon KFC over here and their menu is not as extensive as this. We are not crazy over KFC. Still prefer Malay style spiced or turmeric chicken wings anytime!

  14. VyvianB says:

    Hey, what is the karaoke place like upstairs. I would love to try it?

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