Chinta Ria … Mood for Love, Sydney

Seduction Rolls at Chinta Ria, Mood for Love

“Good evening sir, are you in?”,  the exotic matre d’ with long flowing black hair greets me at the entrance.

I stare into her beautiful eyes and wonder if this could be my lucky night.

“Am I in?” I ask, a little puzzled.

“That’s right sir, are you in the mood for love?” she says, flashing a beautiful smile at me.

Insignia, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Insignia, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

There are four other notable restaurants newly opened on Level 6 of the spanking new Westfield Sydney but after that seemingly innocent yet seductive greeting, I could walk no further than straight into Chinta Ria … Mood for Love.

Oozing with sexual nuances and exoticism, this establishment is the latest brainchild of Simon Goh, the restaurateur who gave Sydney Chinta Ria … Temple of Love and more recently Sassy’s Red.

Cocktail bar, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Cocktail bar, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

As I settle myself at the cocktail bar, I am greeted with a “giant nipple” on the wall which I am told, is part of Goh’s expensive private art collection.

The lighting is seductively dim and the music so sexy, it is cajoling me into a mood of delirium.

“Would you like a drink sir?”, a beautiful waitress dressed in total black attire subtlely appears from nowhere.

I would order my usual JW Black on the rocks but the sensual ambience of this place is beckoning me for something more exciting tonight.

“What would you recommend?” I ask her as I look at the list of cocktails.

“Lick me” she says with a bashful grin.

“Excuse me?”,  I gaze at her partly bemused and wondering if I heard correctly.

“That’s one of the most popular cocktails here”, she explains.

“Lick you?” I ask again.

“No sir,  it’s ‘Lick Me’, that’s the name of the cocktail”.

“I’ll have one of those”, I say to her without further hesitation.

Lick Me - I forgot to ask but it is a concoction of lychee and vodka

'Lick Me' - a concoction of lychee, vodka, mint leaves and sea salt

As I sip on my cocktail, I see beautiful women beginning to take off their clothes right before my eyes.

Beautiful women removing their clothes - "is this real?"

Beautiful women removing their clothes - "is this real?"

The food is no less impressive than the surrounding decor that is laced with exotic yet elegant nuances of Asian motives and this whole routine including the ‘Lick Me’ cocktail has stirred up a healthy appetite.

Chilli scallops

Chilli scallops

Chilli scallops appear with a rich and thick eggy sauce redolent of Singapore chilli crabs. The scallops are tender and tasty with a healthy hit of spicy red chilli.

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

There is something about dim lighting in restaurants that sets the mood for dining and as I tuck into my last scallop, I eagerly wait for the next course to arrive.

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

The walls of the restaurant is reminiscent of an old building in a village or kampung while a hidden projector beams out scenes of love and romance.

A short video of a handsome young gentleman courting a beautiful damsel sets the scene for a romantic evening and I now know why the maitre d’ asked if I was in the mood for love earlier on.

Mentega prawns

Pearly butter prawns

Pearly butter prawns prawns are plump and juicy with a slightly crunchy texture from deep fried garlic and curry leaves.

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

As we dine, the continuously changing love scenes on the wall appear to become larger than life.

Chicken satays with spicy peanut sauce

Chicken satays with spicy peanut sauce

Chicken satays arrive with a smoky grilled flavour and the accompanying peanut sauce is rich and spicy. Done well, I believe there is no better combination for grilled chicken and tonight’s satays are no exception.

Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng

A nasi goreng arrives with all the fragrant aromas of a hot and fiery wok.  Each grain of rice is firm and tasty, the hallmark of a good fried rice.

Kangkong belachan

Bella Chan Kang Kong

A plate of Bella Chan Kang Kong or water spinach is pungently flavoursome and a sprinkling of deep fried onions and fresh red chilli add textural and spicy dimensions to this Malaysian classic.

Fried Kway Teow

Char Koay Teow

A plate of Char Koay Teow is pulsating with the aromas of the wok. Crunchy beansprouts and a good spicy level hit the mark of another classic Malaysian favourite.

As we finish our final main course, I ask another beautiful waitress for some recommendation for desserts.

“Would you like to be on me on me all day?” she says.

“To be on you on you all day?”

“No sir, the dessert is called ‘On Me On Me All Day’ “, she explains.

Durian pannacotta, pandan sago and nyonya kueh

Durian pannacotta, pandan sago and nyonya kueh

A dessert platter arrives and it is a point of difference from other Malaysian restaurants. Durian pannacotta is soft, creamy with its pungent aroma while the pandan sago and coconut cream are gently sweet and savoury.

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Dining room, Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Simon Goh’s artistry in creating restaurants with a point of difference is legendary. He tells us that Chinta Ria … Mood for Love is a place where he shares his love with his friends and loyal clientele.

Sitting in this dining room and gazing at the changing love scenes on the wall, I can certainly see what he means and definitely feel the mood for love.

Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

Chinta Ria ~ Mood for Love

ChopinandMysaucepan dined as guests of Chinta Ria … Mood for Love.

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Chinta Ria … Mood for Love
Level 6, Shop 6009
188 Pitt street
Westfield Sydney
New South Wales 2000
Tel: + 61 2 8072 8888

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12 Responses to Chinta Ria … Mood for Love, Sydney

  1. tigerfish says:

    There are also a few Malaysia/Singapore restaurants here serving Nanyang hawker delights (fried kway teow, belacan kang kong etc.) as high-end food but every time we pass by and peep through the “darker” mood-lighting ambiance of the restaurant – we just have to give it a pass ! Cannot imagine eating fried kway teow in such a setting :O

    Fusion dish (maybe the scallops in “chili crab” gravy) – maybe fits better?

  2. Joanne says:

    That review made me smile. The name of the drink, the dessert, just love it! AND.. your questioning response, not getting the name quite right – funny.
    It looks like a fascinating restaurant. Would love to visit. Great review.

  3. Kimby says:

    Well! This post certainly took me by surprise :), but then, food and music always contain subtle (or not so subtle) hints of love. The chicken satay and nasi goreng looked marvelous (as did all the dishes), but the buttered prawns sang a love song!

  4. I adore cocktails with lychee and the salt addition sounds wonderful! Lovely photos.

  5. I love your writing and this restaurant looks fantastic. All the dishes you shared photos of look incredible. If I’m ever in Sydney I may have to stop by and have a bite.

  6. I enjoyed reading that review, thanks! Is this Chinta Ria related to the Chinta Ria in Darling Harbour? It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Chinta Ria on the harbour, but it looks like the decor and food are quite similar (except for the giant nipple on the wall).

    • Eileen Teo says:

      Hi there
      Chinta Ria… Mood for Love is the sister restaurant of Chinta Ria – Temple of Love at Darling Harbour.

  7. Ann says:

    Wow – I don’t know what to say! That sounds like an amazing restaurant – perfect for a really romantic date!

  8. Diana says:

    Those dishes look very delicious. A restaurant that made your heart beat fast with delicious food that make you sweat.

  9. What great sounding restaurant, you set the scene brilliantly GG

  10. What a place! 😀 (I wonder if people can really concentrate on the food there … ;))

  11. This is one of the sexiest food posts I’ve ever read lol. That cocktail does look/sound amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to Chinta Ria. Will have to head over there. Now. Lol

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