Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Opus 21 (2nd movement)

The second movement of Chopin’s piano concerto begins with the strings and woodwind leading the piano into arguably one of the most beautiful passages of music ever written. This concerto was composed in 1830 when Chopin was 20 years old before he finished his formal music education.

Ingrid Fliter won the Silver Medal at the 2000 International Chopin Piano Competition and this is her beautiful interpretation of the second movement.

Yeol Eum Son, who received the Silver Medal in the 2009 Van Cliburn Piano Competition and more recently Silver Medal in the Tchaikovsky International Competition in 2011 gives another beautiful interpretation.

Lang Lang, who is one of the world most sought after concert pianist performed this concerto at the Schoenbrunn castle, the summer residence of the Emperor of Austria.

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  1. I honestly cannot tell which of Chopin’s piano concertos I like better. I want to play them both! Seriously need to refresh the 1st movement, I was able to play half of it last year but have forgotten large parts of it again by now. It comes back quickly, fortunately. :)

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