Day 15 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Biryani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

Briyani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

Briyani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

This post is part of  the Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Competition where ten bloggers from around the world compete by posting recipes each day for 30 days in the month of October 2011 to raise awareness and support for breast cancer. *


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Biryani is a set of food that is based around flavoured rice being the conduit. The term biryani is derived from the Persian word berya which means “roasted”.

Biryani rice or nasi biryani as it is popularly known in Malaysia and Singapore is usually cooked with spices, cashews, raisins and served with a selection of delectable meat and seafood curries and vegetables.

Its influence is derived from the Indian-Muslim community where the distinctive flavours of cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and cloves come together take transform plain white basmati rice into a tantalising meal.

Through our Cuisines of the World journey, we take you to sample one of the best-loved Indian dishes:

Day 15 – Main: Biryani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

Briyani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

Briyani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

This is an elegant dish that showcases aromatic spices such as coriander seeds, turmeric, curry powder, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and cumin which will give you the beautiful flavours of Indian cooking.

So dear readers, what is your favourite Indian food?

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We wish you good health and happy cooking!

Chopinand & Mysaucepan


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17 Responses to Day 15 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Biryani rice with cashew nuts and raisins

  1. heidi says:

    I like this one, too!
    You are so good at filling that mold!
    I look forward to your posts each day.

  2. Chopinand says:

    Hi heidi,

    We cooked a large pot of this biryani rice and had a few friends over for a taste test. We really liked the aromas of the spices that gave the rice so much flavour and taste! After 15 episodes, yes, we’re getting pretty good at using this mould!

  3. I need to catch up a bit today. You’re right it’s already 16th day and you are very comfortable with this challenge! About half way through. Looking forward to next posts! This rice looks delicious with all the spices and fragrances!

  4. I love Biryani and this looks like a wonderful version. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

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  6. Winston says:

    Awesome. I LOVE a good Biryani rice. And this one has raisins too, yum! Bookmarked this already though I doubt I’ll have a jelly mould to serve this in hehe. Thanks =)

  7. Love the herbs and spices you have added :-)

  8. I will have my briyani with chicken or beef..what about you? and thank you for the info regarding the briyani name..haha..Now I know :)

  9. Shu Han says:

    I’m seeeing these cones EVERYWHERE now! But I haven’t got tired yet, I think food looks so much more exciting styled this way haha. I have a weakness for indian food/basmati rice btw, so this looks really really really good to me right now.

  10. Raymund says:

    Interesting rice presentation, great food and art combined in a plate.

  11. boo_licious says:

    Rice is always nice indeed and briyani is even more special since they’re so aromatic.

  12. Sissi says:

    The conic shape makes this dish instantly elegant, like a Michelin-starred restaurant level.

  13. This look delicious! Cant wait to see the indian dessert :) Not sure is its possible with the shape of the mold but could a coconut creme brulee be the dessert for Thailand?

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Nic

      Can we just say that someone has guessed 9 out of 10 cuisines, which we believe, is not difficult at all given all the iconic dishes for each of those cuisines. We would say that to win the camera at this stage, all you have to do is to name the ten correct cuisines.

  14. Ann says:

    I really like this flavor combination!

  15. Kimby says:

    I keep forgetting to answer your intriguing questions at the end…! I love naan with ghee — with ANY kind of Indian food.

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