Day 16 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Edomae Chirashizushi

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, avocado, tuna and sushi rice

This post is part of  the Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Competition where ten bloggers from around the world compete by posting recipes each day for 30 days in the month of October 2011 to raise awareness and support for breast cancer. *


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Mysaucepan felt a little nervous as she attempted this particular dish to complement our first recipe of this competition. It feels as though it has been ages since we first started steaming our version of chawanmushi. With each new recipe since then, we want to ensure a good balance of taste and flavours and most importantly, the recipe will conceptually work by using the jelly mould.

But this is not the reason she is feeling edgy. Since we started blogging some six months ago, one of our readers have encouraged us with her comments. We draw inspiration from her recipes and the way food is presented in her beautiful blog. Nami, we hope this recipe and presentation will do justice to subtle flavours and intricate presentation which is the very essence of Japanese cuisine.

Chirashizushi literally means “scattered sushi”.

It usually consists of a variety of sashimi and garnishes that are scattered over a bowl of sushi rice. It is comfort Japanese food because it is hearty and filling. There is also no standard formula or ingredients because it is often up to the chef or customer’s request as to what goes into this dish.

The ones I have had at Japanese restaurants are usually an assortment of diced up sashimi. I have no documented evidence but I believe this dish is concocted by chefs to make use of the sashimi “off cuts” in the process of making sushi and sashimi.

Edomae chirashizushi are uncooked ingredients that are artfully arranged on top of sushi rice and usually served in a bowl. We thought of this recipe because it is a refreshing dish that would complement our suggested entree of a hot chawanmushi.

Also, we believe the Royal Selangor jelly mould is a very useful tool to artfully arrange food in a cone. The beautiful creations that can be achieved are only limited by your imagination.

Here, we are presenting two edomae chirashizushi, using tobiko (flying fish roe), egg omelette, avocado, tuna and salmon sashimi.

Day 16: Main – Edomae Chirashizushi

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, avocado and sushi rice

This is a really fun and exciting recipe to make with the jelly mould because you never quite know how it would look even as you are arranging and stacking all the ingredients in the mould.

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

Essentially, you need to call upon you imagination to visualise how the chirashizushi cone would eventually look like.

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, avocado and sushi rice

Throughout this competition, we have come up with some recipes which require very little cooking if at all any. This recipe only involved cooking the egg into an omelette but strictly speaking, this is a edomae chirashizushi so you can even omit the omelette and indeed, some restaurants would serve this dish with a raw egg cracked over all the raw ingredients. I know this is a dish that would freak my dear sister out because she eats nothing raw, let alone a raw egg!

We had these two edomae chirashizushi for dinner and while it tasty and refreshing just like any sushi and sashimi that we have had at Japanese restaurants, we loved the presentation and was reluctant to ruin it with our chopsticks.

The good thing about this recipe is that it can be prepared in advance and would make excellent entrees when entertaining at home. This would certainly be on our to-do list next time we have friends over.

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

So dear readers, what is your favourite Japanese cuisine?

Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

Edomae Chirashizushi - tobiko, omelette, salmon, tuna, avocado and sushi rice

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We wish you good health and happy cooking!

Chopinand & Mysaucepan


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26 Responses to Day 16 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Edomae Chirashizushi

  1. I love your creation. Who would’ve thought to make Chirashizushi in a jelly mould. :))

  2. Hotly Spiced says:

    That is an incredible looking creation. Congrats.

  3. sophia says:

    OMG that’s absolultely STUNNING! What a beautiful pyramid of edible colors.

  4. Maia says:

    I’ve enjoyed looking at all of your creations throughout this “challenge.” This one is gorgeous! They’re all so creative flavor-wise as well as being wonderfully modern-looking. Well done!

  5. That’s my favourite thus far-I could just devour it in a minute as it has my favourite things in it :)

  6. Winston says:

    This is seriously amazing… Fantastic idea, you guys!!! It suddenly makes so much more sense to make edomae chirashizushi with the RS pewter mould because it’s got all my fav ingredients AND in the right proportions!! Not to mention elegant too. Really love this

  7. This looks like it would be tricky to assemble, looks wonderful though – what an idea! Keep up the great work!

  8. Baby Sumo says:

    Wow it looks really impressive.. and chirashidon happens to be one of my favorite things to eat in a Japanese restaurant, besides ramen, beef teppanyaki, otoro etc etc etc. Hehe.

  9. Celia says:

    I am in awe. I clicked on this at 6am this morning, and immediately wanted it for breakfast! I might have to get myself one of those pewter moulds, although I don’t think I’ve seen Selangor Pewter since I was a little girl! :)

  10. terri says:

    this is beautiful AND yummy! thumbs up!

  11. heidi says:

    I like the versatility of your design. Although I want the one with the most avocado in it!
    You are so good at garnishing – and at getting the food out of the mold without any noticeable disasters!
    Well done, as always.

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi heidi,

      The avocado goes really well with sushi, soy sauce and wasabi. After 17 recipes, I think we are getting pretty good with the mould but believe me, we’ve had our share of disasters at the start of the competition. I have even compiled a photo gallery of these disasters to show at the end of all this!

  12. Mmmmm yuummo! Love sushi and this looks quite easy to make! Let the soy sauce and wasabi flow!

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Martyna,

      Yes, this recipe is pretty simple and we may omit the egg the next time we do it to save us doing actually cooking and be technically correct with the name of this dish.

  13. Ann says:

    I am allergic to seafood, but I love it. If I could have it – I think this would be one of my favorites! I think – so far – my favorite savory one!

  14. Spectacular as always. I am so impressed with your creativity.

  15. And just like that….we have a winner. I LOVE this dish! I am obsesed with Japanese food and love my sashimi so this is perfect! I will await my dinner invite in the mail 😉

  16. Sissi says:

    I think this is the most beautiful of all the cones you have made until now (but I may be partial here: tuna is my favourite raw fish and I love sushi with avocado, tamagoyaki and tobiko so much, I could have them almost every day…
    Nami is such an inspiring cook and personality, isn’t she?

  17. Beautiful! I love the colors displayed but I would pass on this as I couldn’t bring myself to eat raw fish. I know I know I am missing out but….hahaha….

  18. Joanne says:

    I’m completely in awe of your talent. The food creations and the photography. I so look forward to visiting your blog.

  19. Thank you for the mention, C&MSP! First of all, I’m really, really impressed! I didn’t expected to see sushi (chirashizushi) made by the mold! This is awesome. I have no word to describe how beautiful this is. You make me want to buy this mold. lol. I love how you scattered nori around too. Just amazingly well-prepared! I just shared on my facebook page and I am going to pin this for my Pinterest (I just started this). =)

  20. Such amazing creativity with the use of one mould! This is indeed a beautiful piece of sculpture. Love it!

  21. Kimby says:

    These are two truly beautiful dishes — your presentation and photos make me wish I was sitting at your table!

  22. Very cool idea again! I like sushi and also this wonderful octopus salad with cucumber and wakame …

  23. alanabread says:

    oh my goodness! this has me drooling like crazy!

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