Day 29 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

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Breast cancer awareness and support

This video was specially created by ChopinandMysaucepan to spread the awareness of breast cancer and as a prayer for women who are affected by this illness.


I’m not a big fan of Indian desserts as I find them often overly sweet. But there a cool and beautiful Indian dessert to end a spicy Indian meal.

Kulfi is an Indian ice cream, often made with condensed milk with a hint of indian spice like cardamon. It is similar in taste to ice cream but is creamier and denser as it is usually made without an ice cream maker.

With this dessert, our 3-course Indian meal is complete, starting with a baked samosa as entree followed by biryani rice for the main course.

Day 29: Dessert – Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

I have added apricots and pistachios to my kulfi as I love both these ingredients and they are also the colours of the Indian flag. To counter the sweetness, I have also sprinkled a pinch of salt, which I think offers a balance of flavours.

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Kulfi is easy to make by using a mixture of cream and condensed milk, which eliminates the need to melt the sugar. Warming the mixture in a saucepan allows all the flavours of apricot, pistachios and cardamon to infuse together and reduces the mixture to create an even creamier and denser texture.

It is a fabulous treat on a hot summer’s day or an end to a hot spicy meal.

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

Colours of India ~ Pistachio and apricot kulfi

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13 Responses to Day 29 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Pistachio and apricot kulfi

  1. Winston says:

    Lovely! The weather’s perfect for this right now. Kulfi is in, ice-cream is out! Haha jk… Ice-cream will always stand the test of time

  2. Sissi says:

    I have never heard of kulfi before (when I go to Indian restaurants I have so much of the main dish and, unfortunately too many naans, so I don’t even look at the desserts section). It looks very unusual and delicious! Perfect for this jelly mould shape.

  3. Beautiful! I would love to try this :)

  4. Carolyn Jung says:

    I just interviewed an Indian chef for a story on Diwali, and he made chocolate kulfi. It was exquisite, but boy, this pistachio one might give it a run for its money.

  5. I’ve never had Kulfi before… pistachio and apricot is a new combination for me. This mysterious (to me) dessert looks beautiful and I would love to try. One more day left…. the final post. I can’t wait to see it! So sad it will end…

  6. Ann says:

    This is stunning! I’m new to enjoying dried apricots….and I particularly like them with nuts! …and I love ice-cream!

  7. This look so good that I would love to try this. Never had an Indian ice-cream before.

  8. Delicious! Can’t wait for your final dish…

  9. Hannah says:

    Oh yes oh yes, this is for me! Pistachio and cardamom? Be still my heart! Stupid lactose intolerance though…

  10. Maia says:

    Beautiful playing (bravo!) and a lovely gesture. I adore kulfi too and your version looks delicious. We have an Indian market nearby and when it’s hot I always crave different flavors of the treat.

  11. msihua says:

    Very interesting.. I never heard of Kulfi until now and would not have thought that it’d be a special Indian dessert! Well done on raising breast cancer awareness as well :)

  12. JasmyneTea says:

    I’m not a fan of Indian sweets either, but I love me some kulfi! Looks great too :)

  13. I love your plate decorations, and you have the loveliest cutlery for sure!

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