Day 7 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

Colours of Italy - Antipasto with rocket salad

Colours of Italy - Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

* This post is part of  the Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Competition where ten bloggers from around the world compete by posting recipes each day for 30 days in the month of October 2011 to raise awareness and support for breast cancer. *


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Antipasto is a slow and delectable graze to enjoy the true essence of Italian cuisine.

In summer, we happily fill our picnic baskets with roasted vegetables, olives, prosciutto, ham, roast beef , fresh fruits, wine and a variety of cheeses before heading down to the beach for a day of fun and frolic with the family.

This antipasto is designed as an entree for the fusilli bolognaise that we have submitted as a main course for this competition.

Mysaucepan and I love ricotta cheese and as we progress through this competition, we have found that our initial “fears” about the constraint of using the mould has actually pushed us to think outside the pyramid (no pun intended). We have designed the 30-day challenge to come up with innovative and useful recipes that is easy for our readers to cook and enjoy.

The Royal Selangor jelly mould has challenged our thinking about food culture and has given us new ideas and inspiration to create new recipes to challenge traditional norms.

For such a long time, antipasto has been a rather stale and old world plate of cheese, cold meats and olives in many restaurants around the world.

Today, we are excited to present you with a traditional Italian starter that takes on a fresh new look with the vibrant colours of Italy:

Colours of Italy - Antipasto with rocket salad

Colours of Italy - Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

Day 7: Entree –  Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

We have made countless antipasti at home and ordered it many times in restaurants.

Colours of Italy - Antipasto with rocket salad

Soft creamy ricotta, roasted vegetable and rocket salad

But today, every mouthful tasted better than the one before. The soft creamy texture of the ricotta is a match in heaven with the smoky flavours and aromas of the roasted capsicum, eggplant and zucchini.

Colours of Italy - Antipasto with rocket salad

Colours of Italy - Roasted red capsicum, ricotta and green rocket leaves

Again, we hope you will try this recipe because the only cooking required was to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil onto the cut vegetables to be roasted.

Colours of Italy - Antipasto with rocket salad

Colours of Italy - Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

For this recipe, we have chosen to used Red Island Australia EVOO because they have a good range of quality products. In addition, this company is a Gold Partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Red island extra virgin olive oil (Gold Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia)

Red island extra virgin olive oil (Gold Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia)

So dear readers, what is your favourite Italian food?

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  • Purchase a jelly mould from Royal Selangor. Remember, all sales proceeds will go towards improving the lives of women affected by breast cancer.

Win an Olympus  VG-110 camera

To encourage readers to support the cause for breast cancer awareness, we will give away an Olympus VG-110 camera to one lucky reader.

All you have to do over the next thirty days is to provide your comments, feedback, suggestions or any recipes and you will be in the running to receive this camera. This prize is open to any and all readers.

If you enjoy our daily posts throughout October 2011, do consider helping the cause for breast cancer by participating in any or all the the ways mentioned above.

We wish you good health and happy cooking!

Chopinand & Mysaucepan


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24 Responses to Day 7 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Antipasto pyramid with rocket salad

  1. Cheah says:

    I’m just curious how this will taste …..and I just love your clicks!

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Cheah,

      The important thing about this dish is to grill the capsicum, eggplant and zucchini until they are slightly charred. The smoky flavours of the vegetables are a treat against the soft creamy ricotta. And the salad is a bonus! :)

  2. heidi says:

    Great look! And stuffing the cheese into the mold with the roasted veggies on the outer edges- inspired! I like the simplicity!

  3. Seriously, you are churning these out faster than I can read! Another gorgeous dish.

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi leaf,

      It’s not a matter of choice! We have to come up with one recipe a day throughout October for this competition.

  4. terri says:

    this is nice, i love it!

  5. Another beautiful creation! What a dedication to create 30 dishes in 30 days by using that cone mould. Bravo!

  6. mycookinghut says:

    Very nice looking antipasto! Really making me hungry!

  7. I absolutely love this antipasto! I wonder if we can make it without mold… it’s so pretty!

  8. Hannah says:

    Scrumdiddlyumptious for sure! However, am I the only one who reads “for breast cancer awareness” and then looks at your photos and *doesn’t* think “pyramid”? 😉

  9. sugarpuffi says:

    awesome looking antipasto! love the rocket and tomato decoration!

  10. I really love this savoury version using the jelly mold! 😀 And I tried that olive oil the other week! :)

  11. Wow, just catching up on these posts now – SO creative, lady! Love it!!
    Heiidi xo

  12. This looks divine. You can tell you made this with great care and the best ingredients.

  13. Jen says:

    You’ve really sexed up boring antipasto for sure!
    A picnic with antipasto and a good bottle of wine is one of my favourite pastimes too. I usually go to Centennial Park though as I don’t like sand in my food! :)

  14. Sissi says:

    A wonderful Italian cone-shaped flag! I would be tempted to make it with individual small round moulds and I’m sure I would impress every guest.

  15. With your lovely presentation this is definitely a beautiful dish :)

  16. Im obsessed with antipasto so this ones a def winner. Can the mould be baked or is it a thin metal? You could totally do a baked ricotta….mmmm

  17. I’m enjoying reading new recipes each day! They all look delicious (and so different even though they all bear the same shape), but this one in particular appeals to my tastebuds. I love ricotta and I love roasted vegs – never thought to combine them :)

  18. Haaaaa, this is so cool with the veggies wrapped around it! 😀

  19. ooh delish look at that ricotta! definitely my kinda salad :)

  20. Sharn says:

    I’ve really loved your unique angle on this comp! Another fresh, yummy looking plate!

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