Home delivery pizza party

Home delivery pizza party

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There is no better time to order home delivery when bad weather stops you from going out or on one of those days when you are simply too busy, tired and don’t feel like cooking.

Tennis action on TV

Tennis action on TV

But tonight, we have an even better reason when a few friends are gathered at home to watch the 2014 Australian Open tennis semifinals between top seed Rafael Nadal and sixth seed Roger Federer.

Order of delivery confirmed via mobile phone

Order of delivery confirmed via mobile phone

Eat Now is an online order takeaway & food delivery service that puts the menu of thousands of restaurants all over Australia at your fingertips.

Simply go to their website (www.eatnow.com.au) and follow the instructions. A simple three-step procedure means you Search for a local restaurant in your neighbourhood by entering your postcode or suburb name, Order your food from a restaurant of your choice and Eat, with an option of either pick-up or home delivery.

If you are using this 100% free service for the first time, you will need to register your name, address, mobile phone online as a one-0ff procedure before your order can be confirmed.

Order from the menu and each restaurant in your suburb will specify their home delivery and pick-up times, minimum dollar amount for delivery and special deals. Some restaurants offer free delivery when your order is above a certain dollar amount. Yet others give up to 25% discount on your first time order, free soft drinks or free orders in their loyalty programs.

Payment can be made via VisaMastercardAmerican ExpressPayPal or cash.

You can also read the reviews and feedback from customers to get an indication of the quality of food and service delivery.

Most restaurants on Eat Now appear to be your local Italian pizzeria and pasta, Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants.

We have not tried any of the restaurants listed so to be safe, we decide on ordering pizza which seems to be the most popular choice.

Restaurant phone numbers are not listed on Eat Now’s website but once my order of four pizzas from Pizzeria Locale is placed, I receive an SMS a few minutes later confirming the order, the estimated delivery time and the phone number of the restaurant.

Home delivery pizza from Pizzeria Locale

The pizzas have arrived

The pizzas have arrived

An estimated delivery time of 45 minutes was given by the restaurant and our four pizzas arrive in just a tad past the hour.

Top to bottom: Capricciosa $18, Prawn $22, Pepperoni $16, Margherita $15

Top to bottom: Capricciosa $18, Prawn $22, Pepperoni $16, Margherita $15

Although delivery was late by about fifteen minutes, the pizzas are hot and ready to go. Our four pizzas cost a total of $71 and price wise, I think this is great value.

Prawn $22

Prawn pizza $22

A prawn pizza comes with mozzarella, king prawns, garlic, slivers of Spanish onions, cherry tomato and parsley.

There is quite a generous amount of prawns with each slice and though flavours are subtle, a few drops of Tabasco sauce do wonders to each slice.

Unlike Neapolitan style pizzas, the crust of these ones are quite thin and crispy.

Capricciosa $18

Capricciosa $18

The classic Capricciosa comes with smoked ham slivers, sliced button mushroom and black olives.

Pepperoni $16

Pepperoni $16

Slices of salty Italian style sausage are the dominant flavours in a pepperoni pizza.

Prawn pizza is leading the most popular list!

Prawn pizza is leading the most popular list!

I did not notice the meal deal of two pizzas and a free 1.25 litre soft drink for $29.90 at time of ordering which means our meal could have cost $59.80 with 2 free drink thrown in.

It is not fair to judge home delivered pizzas with pizzas eaten at a pizzeria. Based on the quality of toppings, taste and flavour, I give these pizzas a firm thumbs up.

Will I use Eat Now online service again?

A spokesperson from Eat Now says they have little control over the quality of food and delivery service but they do take customer feedback very seriously.

Judging from Eat Now’s website, there are over 2,500 restaurants listed in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

With so many restaurants operating on the same platform, prices appear very competitive and a restaurant will do itself justice to ensure food quality is likewise.

I believe the challenge in using an online food ordering system is discovering your favourite dishes / pizzas at the restaurant in your neighbourhood. Thereafter, you have comfort in ordering the so-called ‘tried and tested’ dishes that you previously enjoyed.

The SMS confirmation gives me peace of mind that my order is ‘on its way’ without having to speak to anyone at all. You can also download the Eat Now iphone app to order your favourite dish when you are on your way home from work. That to me, is truly a world of pizzas at the press of a few buttons.

Based on our first experience with Eat Now ordering system and Pizzeria Locale, I would definitely give this system another go on that rainy evening or when we simply want a pizza nite at home in front of the telly.

Rafael Nadal wins the 2014 Australian Open semifinals against Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal wins the 2014 Australian Open semifinals against Roger Federer

As we chow down on our pizzas, Nadal has won his semifinals encounter with Federer, winning 7-6 (7/4), 6-3, 6-3, extending his winning record against his old rival to 23 wins against 10 losses.

So dear readers, have you used the Eat Now ordering service before and if not, would you try it?

Eat Now
P O  Box 5560
Brandon Park, Victoria 3150
Email: menu@eatnow.com.au

Tel: 1300 718 924


Pizzeria Locale
Shop 6 1A/11 Bay Dr, Shepard’s Bay
Meadowbank, New South Wales

Tel: 9807 6161


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  1. Interesting that so many online ordering systems are popping up. And nothing beats a night of telly with pizza!

  2. Raymund says:

    I totally love pizza parties specially when its the good pizzas! We usually do this at the office once in a while and whats best is that it is sponsored for :)

  3. I am such a fan of online ordering systems… when I want a lazy nigh in I don’t really want to speak to anyone whilst ordering.

    Love the system, especially the confirmation SMS!

  4. Sounds like a pretty cool service and pretty happy to see quite a few listings for my neighbourhood in Perth. Now I need pizza…

  5. Winston says:

    Omg such a coincidence! I participated in a sponsored collaboration with a food delivery website and used it to order food when my friends and I were watching that same match too. As for the answer to your question, I definitely would use the service because it’s so perfect for staying in with your friends.

  6. Woah, this is seriously what defines pizza party 😀

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