Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Thai food has definitely become one of the most popular cuisines in Sydney over the last couple of decades.  I think it has something to do with the explosion of spicy, tangy and sweet flavours on the taste buds that seem to make some other cuisines a little bland.

“You mean we have to queue outside this place on a Sunday night?” I ask.

“There is a reason for the queues though” Mysaucepan says.

“The food is tasty and it seems to hit the spot with Thai food lovers” she further explains. “And since we have a friend joining us for dinner tonight, we can sample a few more dishes too”.

Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

It’s Sunday night and there is a queue outside Home Thai Restaurant.

We take a number and wait for about twenty minutes before being shown to our table.

Dessert counter, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Dessert counter, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

I guess one consolation for waiting in queue at this restaurant is the open kitchen where you can feast your eyes on a variety of desserts being prepared to work up an appetite.

Dessert counter, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Dessert counter, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Dessert chefs can be seen preparing a range of sweet and savoury Thai desserts ranging from jelly, fruits and bean in shaved ice to deep-fried bread sticks, mango rice pudding and Thai dumplings in sweet syrup.

Dinner menu, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Dinner menu, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

Prices on the menu are reasonable and there is a fairly extensive variety of classic Thai entrees like grilled pork skewers, som tum or green papaya salad, tom yum soup, stir-fry noodles, curries and seafood.

But what is stylish in this everyday Thai restaurant is the wait staff wielding their iPads and Louis Vuitton sling bags to take orders from diners.

“Isn’t technology a great thing?” I tell my dining companions.

No later than ten minutes after our waitress logs our orders into her iPad, our dishes begin to arrive in quick succession.

Sai Oua or Spicy pork sausage $11.50

Sai Oua or Spicy pork sausage $11.50

Small slices of grilled pork sausages with a twist of lime juice are spicy with the fragrance of lemongrass. Each slice is tantalizingly appetising when accompanied with slices of ginger, chilli, cucumber, cabbage, Spanish onions and crunchy peanuts.

I would recommend this dish because these flavours taste like a disco party in the mouth.

I’m sure I can eat a couple of this delicious entrée as a main and wash it down with a Singha beer or two. A quick look at the tables around us, the Thai beer seems to be the most popular too.

Gang Kew Gai or Thai green curry $13.50

Gang kew gai or Thai green curry $13.50

I like the gang kew gai because of the pieces of crunchy baby eggplant. Although a tad sweet on this occasion, it is still a tasty dish with some steamed rice  each time we are at this restaurant.

Pad Kana Moo Groi or Stir-fried Chinese mustard greens with crispy roast pork $14.90

Pad kana moo groi or Stir-fried Chinese mustard greens with crispy roast pork $14.90

The pad kana moo groi is one of my favourite stir-fries at Thai restaurants. Crunchy Chinese mustard greens are stir-fried with crispy roast pork in a savoury sauce with hints of palm sugar and rice wine.

Kui Chay or Chives dumplings $5.90

Kui Chay or Chives dumplings $5.90

Four chive dumplings come in a slightly spicy sauce.

Not quite my favourite because I dislike the doughy exterior of the dumpling that is stuffed with chives.

Pu Nim Yum Mamuang or Soft shell crab salad $16.50

Pu nim yum mamuang or Soft shell crab salad $16.50

The batter on a soft shell crab salad is light, crispy and not overly oily at all.

Full marks to the chef because hidden underneath the pieces of golden brown deep-fried crab is a small and clever portion of spicy and tangy green papaya salad that complements to crab so well.

This is definitely one dish I would highly recommend at this restaurant.

Deep-fried bread sticks with pandanus custard $5.90

Deep-fried bread sticks with pandanus custard $5.90

The deep-fried bread sticks are hot and crispy from the deep fryer (See cover image above).

It is savoury-sweet treat when dunked into a gooey, coconut and pandanus custard.

View of kitchen, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

View of kitchen, Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

The food is tasty but I doubt I want to queue for any kind of restaurant.

As tasty as some of their salads, stir-fries and curries, personally, Thai is an occasional cuisine for me.

But for Thai food lovers, I can understand the queues at this restaurant because the food is tasty, service is snappy and prices are reasonable.

So dear readers, would you wait around or stand in queue for a restaurant?

Home Thai Restaurant
Shop 1 – 2, 299 Sussex street

Tel: +61 2 9261 5058

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14 Responses to Home Thai Restaurant, Sydney

  1. Besides the green curry, I have never tried theses dishes!! I like going to a restaurant with friends because they order something different from my ordinary favorites. The crab looks so good – if I’m not allergic I’d eat the entire plate! I love Thai food and can eat it everyday. Even once a week would make me happy!

  2. celia says:

    I’m with you on queuing – it takes a special restaurant before I’ll queue up, although I have been known to wait in line occasionally at Mamak. I don’t usually have to wait at the one in Chatswood though! I’ve heard a lot about Home Thai, and after your review I think I’d queue up at least once to try it out! :)

  3. I have to say the Thai cuisine sure is something. You’re right, the tang, spicyness and perfect balance of flavours always gets my mouth watering. I am a lover of thai food and am always willing to try new places. I’ve yet to try home thai. It sure looks like I’m missing out!

  4. I’m not really a big fan of queuing up for restaurants since there are so many other great places that are just as easily booked but I must admit its always tempting to know what is so fabulous about a restaurant if people are willing to wait so long for it..

  5. bams Kitchen says:

    I love your action shots of the staff cooking their traditional dishes as it gathers the atmosphere of the restaurant. Take care, BAM

  6. xiao says:

    Queue? Only for Chathai. Definitely not Spicei’m!…. Home’s 9-choy dumplings ‘cannot’, Churro ‘cannot’. Best dish = stainless steel plate with white paper, .. quick to appear.

  7. Baby Sumo says:

    I like your description of the pork sausage – disco party in the mouth. 😛

    In KL, I would never queue to get into a restaurant but when we’re on hol in SG it seems to be the norm to queue for food.

  8. msihua says:

    It’s getting annoying with all the lining up and no booking policies here in Melbourne. I think I’ll line up if the food is good, and wait for an ‘off’ time to visit places if not!

  9. Wow a disco in the mouth for a dish? That can only be good! 😀

  10. Kimby says:

    I don’t mind standing in line as long as I don’t get rushed through the meal once I’m seated. It looks like you were able to enjoy a relaxing meal, though! I agree with you, that sausage dish was a party on a plate. Disco in your mouth? Love it! :)

  11. Charmaine says:

    Don’t like to queue. Usually visit at lunchtime. Ring ahead and pick up 10 mins later. The crispy pork with Chinese mustard greens is tasty with steamed rice. Good value for under $10.

  12. Juliana says:

    Wow, every time visiting your blog I leave hungry! Very hungry…I love Thai food and there are some dishes that I haven’t tried yet…beautiful pictures as always.
    Thanks for this nice post and hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  13. Home is a good alternative to the similar Chat Thai and that is why it’s so popular. The food is tasty and it’s inexpensive.

    I usually don’t queue for a restaurant but we eat at abnormal hours so it’s normally not a problem for us!

  14. ???????? says:

    Nice review. I love this place. This restaurant have many Chef, It’s look like big restaurant.

    I like Deep-fried bread sticks with pandanus custard ( In Thailand we call “Pa Tong Kho Sang Jim Ka Yha” and Your first picture.

    Thanks for this information. More interesting restaurant you can see this. ????????

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