Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

Update August 2012: This establishment has permanently closed for business.


I’m not a fan of shopping centres and so-called “retail therapy” tests my patience and is definitely not my idea of fun.

However, looking at food and ingredients that go into our cooking gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Understanding the dedication, passion and toils of artisans, cottage industries and small producers of our country gives me an innate appreciation of the fresh ingredients that go into my cooking pot whenever I’m in the kitchen.

Quarter Twenty One is Justin North’s latest venture where he reasons the four quarters that make up this venture – Becasse restaurant, Becasse bakery, a cooking school and a commercial caterer. “Twenty One” is the apparent weight of the human soul (21 grams) as it departs the body shortly after death. Hence, the philosophy of being soulful for our cooking and importantly, the ingredients that make up the food on our dining tables.

Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

The retail shop of Quarter Twenty One promotes food products of small producers across Australia. It stocks items such as dried pasta, homemade jams, soups, ready-made meals and a multitude of cooking ingredients.

Dried pasta, Quarter Twenty One

An assortment of dried pasta

We browsed the shop and thought about some of our most revered recipes with these ingredients. Mysaucepan was excited about the jams and cafe de Paris butter.

Lavoche crispbread, $13.00

Lavoche crispbread, $13.00

Lavouche crispbread for your next wine and cheese party perhaps.


English Breakfast, Sencha and Earl Grey $20.00

Tea forte or tea for two?

Rhubarb and ginger jam $9.00

Rhubarb and ginger jam $9.00

There is also an array of gourmet meals for the kitchen uninitiated.

Terrine de campagne $10.00

Terrine de campagne $10.00

Cold terrine or hearty wagyu beef lasagne at the press of a button.

Wagyu beef lasagna $15.00

Wagyu beef lasagne $15.00

There is also an assortment of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Fresh herbs $1.50 per bunch

Fresh herbs $1.50 per bunch

Staff at Quarter Twenty One are friendly, knowledgeable and ever so enthusiastic to guide one through the maze of products.

Friendly floor staff, Quarter Twenty One

Friendly faces who are eager to assist, Quarter Twenty One

Becasse Bakery is another quadrant where freshly baked breads, pastries and desserts abound.

Becasse Bakery, Westfield Sydney

Becasse Bakery, Westfield Sydney

Spinach feta and olive epi, bacon and cheese epi $7.95

Spinach feta and olive epi, bacon and cheese epi $7.95


Croissants $4.50

Croissants $4.50

Dark rye loaf, large $8.95 small $5.95

Dark rye loaf, large $8.95 small $5.95

Petit dessert du jour $7.95

Petit dessert du jour $7.95

Pistachio and raspberry friand, vanilla bean & cheesecake $6.95

Pistachio and raspberry friand, vanilla bean & cheesecake $6.95

So dear readers, what is your favourite cooking ingredient?

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Quarter Twenty One
Level 5, Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt street, Sydney
New South Wales 2000

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24 Responses to Quarter Twenty One, Westfield Sydney

  1. Wow, looks like level 5 Westfield has snaked the fine food and restaurants … like you, I’m not a fan of shopping centres, but am now curious to check it out.

  2. I had no idea that was why it was called Quarter 21! How very…deep (for lack of a better word)! 😮

  3. Wow what an amazing place and you really showcased it beautifully!

  4. Jen says:

    The bakery looks so good. I really feel like a passionfruit cheesecake now. I like the packaging of the tea too.

  5. Faith says:

    This is sort of food shopping is definitely my favorite retail therapy. 😉 Love the philosophy behind Quarter Twenty One, very interesting!

  6. Chopinand says:

    Hi thang, I was told unless you are Zara, power of negotiation is definitely on Westfield’s side.

    Hi Lorraine, yes, it’s a pretty cool food philosophy.

    Hi Maris, thanks!

    Hi Jen, the vanilla bean and passionfruit cheesecake is very smooth and silky.

    Hi Faith, I think small producers need all the help the can get since big retailers have so much negotiating power.

  7. I never seem to have time to visit the cbd any more! I’ve hardly been to the new Westfield, but this place sounds like worth a visit!

  8. Interesting name, pretty pics & I could almost get into wandering the shopping malls if it were filled with shops like this. Nice one :)

  9. I like shopping a lot .. Its such a stress buster – be it grocery or clothing :) Looks like a swanky store! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  10. Susan says:

    Interesting way that he came about that name… I am not sure I would name something the same way.

  11. Carolyn Jung says:

    I think I could do some serious damage in that store. And I’m like you these days — I don’t have the patience for shopping. But the treats there look so delicious, I surely can’t resist.

  12. I would empty my pockets in a heartbeat in that store! Everything looks so delicious

  13. Oh my goodness the bakery is amazing. I am crazy about all kinds of nice and good bread. I’d love to try everything I saw in the picture! I can spend hours in this store. Lots of good stuff.

  14. Sophia Lee says:

    Oh my , oh my, what I wouldn’t give to visit this place!!! but I would probably go broke not being able to decide what I want. I had no idea the soul is 21 grams…I kind of find that chilling for some reason. ^ ^

  15. Those herbs look beautiful, might dash in now and get some for the weekend. Been meaning to try the pistachio friand, it looks lovely.

  16. Dolly says:

    theres so many places in westfield..

    i dont work far from here.. arrhh must resist temptation and stay away as long as possible.

    the terrine looks delish.. ahhhh

  17. Chopinand says:

    Hi Maria, it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been.

    Hi Anna, the bakery is great if you like bread and pastries.

    Hi Tanvi, do you have shops like these in your area?

    Hi Susan, not a bad philosophy for food I’d say.

    Hi Carolyn, definitely dangerous for a foodie like you :)

    Hi Lucy, the items are pretty tempting.

    Hi Nami, are there shops like these in your area?

    Hi Sophia, I think it’s not scientifically proven nor will it ever be.

    Hi Dumpling Girl, the bakery is definitely up you alley.

    Hi Dolly, just give it a go :)

  18. I love shops like that and could stroll around there for hours! 😀

    • Chopinand says:

      Hey Kath,

      Thanks for dropping by. How is the Chopin “Aeolian Harp” etude going??

      I think the fingering is really so important to play this piece well and with beautiful legato. This music is so beautiful, I am happy to have added this piece to my list of favourites :) :)

      • I haven’t started with the Aeolian Harp yet, these past weeks have been so crazy that I just worked on relearning some old pieces (Nocturnes) which I love very much. But I think it’ll be the next new piece I tackle, in the next months, I think. I’ll tell you when I start learning it and keep you updated on how it goes!

        What are you currently playing? Learning something new?

        • Chopinand says:

          I’m just playing the Aeolian Harp everyday with a little more rubato but I’m thinking about the Godowsky paraphrase no. 2 (the one that sounds like 4 hands), just thinking at this stage because looking at the score it’s quite difficult.

          Looking forward to the Lang Lang concert next week and I hope to put a post about it after :)

  19. I would love a shop and deli like this one near me, I could spend so many hours- and dollars- in a place like this!

  20. betty says:

    nice review! although the pastries arent cheap!

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