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Sometimes, I ask myself why I love this beautiful city that is Sydney?

Is it the cosmopolitan and carefree lifestyle predicated around a stunning habour? Or the 340 sunny days that we get each year? Maybe it’s the sheer variety and depth of cafes and restaurants that has made Sydney a truly international food and wine destination?

Our public transport system may not be as efficient as Singapore but don’t people who constantly whinge about trains being late realize the quality of public amenities are relative and there are cities doing far worse than what we face everyday?

Should we not focus on what’s good about the city that we live in rather than complain about what may not seem right at the best of times? How about celebrating the fact we can take a dip in the surf in winter and then drive a few hours and be snow skiing down the slopes of Perisher Valley? Or savouring a piece of fresh sushi for a picnic lunch by the harbour and watch the sailboats go by?

Better still, I believe not many cities around the world can rival the prospect of Rachmaninoff”s music in the iconic Sydney Opera House with panoramic views of the harbour.

Flat white $4

Flat white $4

I believe the best thing about amazing Sydney is the little things that she does well. A good coffee or an honest breakfast go a much longer way for me than the hype of fine dining.

At Revolver, a cafe in the inner city suburb of Annandale, a simple cuppa is good but it doesn’t just stop here.

Revolver's Big Breakfast $18

Revolver's Big Breakfast $18

The star of the show in this cafe is the Big Breakfast ~ ‘Feather & Bone’ bacon, sausage, house-cured pork neck, baked eggs, roast tomato, roast field mushroom and beans with sourdough toast.

I am not a big fan of baked eggs but I’m willing to bet Mysaucepan‘s breakfast would entice the hardcore sleep-ins to jump out of bed even on a cold Sunday morning.

Revolver's Big Breakfast $18

Revolver's Big Breakfast $18

Should there have been a gooey egg-porn shot to convince you this brekky dish is good?

Probably not, because the eggs were well cooked and combined with the luscious passata sauce, crispy bacon, roasted tomato and succulent pork neck, I would like to nominate this dish as the king of baked eggs in Sydney.

Coffee from the counter, Revolver, Annandale

Coffee from the counter, Revolver, Annandale

There was a twenty minute wait for our table despite rocking up to this cafe at twelve noon this Sunday. A long queue seems to have a life of its own for locals popping in for takeaway coffee.

So for a non-coffee drinker, I am casually presuming the coffee in this joint must be pretty good so please hold me to this assertion if you will.

Poached eggs, bacon and toasted sourdough $14.50

Poached eggs, bacon and toasted sourdough $14.50

As for simple me, this is one of my favourite breakfasts. It’s not even on the menu because it is what it is ~ simple and basic.

As you can see, I don’t need the fuss of all that pretentious and unnecessary stuff ~ roasted half tomato, hash-brown, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms sprinkled with chopped Italian parsley or gourmet pork sausages.

To me, what’s important is good poached eggs with a gooey yolk, bacon that is both crisp and slightly chewy (only bacon lovers will know what I mean), fresh sourdough toast and a good triangular knob of wholesome butter. I may have requested for the triangular knob of butter though I can’t quite recall.

Butter aside, Revolver ticks off on all counts.

So there you have it dear readers, simple things in Sydney that is truly world-class in the overall scheme of things.

Revolver, Annandale

Revolver, Annandale

So dear readers, what do you like best about beautiful Sydney?

291 Annandale street
Annandale, New South Wale

Tel: +61 2 9555 4727

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 8am – 4pm

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  1. Have heard so many good things about their big breakfast!!

  2. Oh God I want this all now!!
    Sydney really does have “it” when it comes to delicious food and Revolver looks like an awesome breakfast spot. Love the Big Breakfast!

  3. “I believe the best thing about amazing Sydney is the little things she does well.” That could be a life motto, Chopinand! Also, I didn’t realize coffee wasn’t your “cup’o’tea” — I’ll have an extra one for you tomorrow morning… preferably with this breakfast! (I’m making a mental ‘run-thru’ of my pantry & fridge as we speak.) You might be amused to know that the bacon “done-ness” you mentioned was described to us once as “limp bacon” during our over-the-road trucking days. (Truck stops serve many a fine breakfast, too… but not quite like this.) My hubby & I prefer the version you noted!

  4. You’ve got a royal breakfast fest there….
    nothing better start out the day!

  5. Wow that’s quite a crowd for a cafe but it sounds like they’ve got everything happening! 😀

  6. Juliana says:

    Oh! I never been to Sydney, but when I go, I have a whole list of place to go…thanks to you…
    Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate your support…
    Have a great week 😀

  7. Awesome photos, the baked eggs look really good!

  8. Ah! You have made me sit and think about how lucky I am to live in Sydney. I live fairly close to Revolver so I think I will be waking up early this Sunday!

  9. Oh my that Revolver Egg dish sounds so good!

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