Day 24 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Shepherd’s pie with blow-torch mashed potatoes

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

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Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

If there was a dish that I did not like when I was a kid, it would be Shepherd’s pie. I can’t really say why I didn’t like it though.

Perhaps it was a baked tray of lumpy mince with some carrots and mashed potato all piled in my plate. Maybe it’s the stuff at boarding schools across Great Britain, that kids love to hate.

Or just maybe I have never had a good Shepherd’s pie until recent years. Done and presented well, I think this humble pie can become the show-stopper at your next dinner party

Day 24: Main – Shepherd’s pie with blow-torch mashed potatoes

Blowtorch the mash potatoes

Blowtorch the mashed potatoes just before serving for a charred and smoky aroma

You can either make ordinary mash potatoes or you can do it like the French do – pile on the cream, butter, full cream milk and be as decadent as you want.

We have chosen the mid-way point to be healthy without sacrificing on flavours. So, we have cut down on the butter, used skim milk and ditched the cream. But what we have added is the smoky charred aromas from a heavy-handed blow torch.

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

We are certain these aromas combined with a classic beef mince bolognaise sauce will get your juices flowing.

This is one of the tastiest rendition of a Shepherd’s pie that we have tasted because the charred aromas from the mash adds a new dimension to this dish.

It is definitely a dish that we would like do for a dinner party because it can be served ala carte rather than from a large communal tray.

Blowtorching the mash potatoes for a delightful smoky aroma

Blowtorch the mashed potatoes just before serving for a delightful smoky aroma

The blow torch would be an excuse to add a little theatre to your dinner party and impress your dinner guests. But your reason for blow torching is that it simply works to add more flavour and nobody would be arguing with you.

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

Shepherd's pie with blowtorch mashed potatoes

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21 Responses to Day 24 ‘Get Your Jelly On’: Shepherd’s pie with blow-torch mashed potatoes

  1. Yuuuum!!! Love shepherd’s pie – this looks delicious, especially with the smokey potatoes!

  2. I love shephed’s pie! I’d never have thought about putting it in a cone shape.
    It definitely looks more refined this way :)

  3. Beautifully done!

    I love shepherd’s pie.

  4. That is quite the makeover. Very artistic.

  5. Bravo! I’m amazed that you got the mince to stand up so perfectly! :)

  6. Wow, this is visually very appealing and quite unique from the other cone shaped dishes you’ve done so far. I love shepherd’s pie, and know that this is yummy just from looking at it.

  7. Oh wow… I’m really impressed by the creative way to present shephed’s pie!

  8. Cakelaw says:

    This is definitely posher than your avergae shepherd’s pie (which I love).

  9. msihua says:

    That looks too good to be true! I love shepherd’s pie!!!

  10. heidi says:

    This is so elegant for Shepherd’s pie- but I love it- especially the torched potato rosettes!
    I use parchment baking paper in my baking and cooking almost everyday- it is an essential in my kitchen- and you are so clever to use it with the jelly mold!

  11. Winston says:

    Oh wow… Awesome awesome awesome! I’m totally digging this deconstructed shepherd’s pie. It’s such a creative twist to a classic dish that’s been done the same way too many times. Thanks heaps for the recipe! =)

  12. I’ve never eaten Shepherd’s Pie, but it reminds me of a traditionally mariner’s dish from Northern Germany: Labskaus, which is a mash from potatoes, pickled beetroot, and corned beef, usually serves with a fried egg sunny side up on top and more pickled beetroot, pickled cucumber, and pickled herring. If you’re not born for liking this, I supose you might never do. 😉

    Love the chives “antennae”. 😀

  13. This is what I call high end comfort food. So pretty!

  14. Ann says:

    This one is AWESOME! I like the potatoes and the blow-torch part had to have been fun!

  15. Im crazy cooking shepherd pie in Cafe world in FB give me about 1000 cafe point to level up..But I give you 10000 cafe point..your look so beautiful..I didnt notice it was a pie till i read your title of N3..and the marsh potatoes..just added the elegant to the presentation..good work!

  16. Shepherd pie served on the outside, that’s new! I love the torched mashed potatoes though.

  17. I love how those mashed potatoes look

  18. What an awesome presentation for Shepherds pie! I’ve made Shepherds pie before, it is a great dish to make.

  19. Love Shepherds Pie! Mum use to make it a lot when I was younger and its a good thing to make when you have some mince lying around and are not sure what to do with it. Your’s looks much more fancy than mums 😉

  20. Kimby says:

    Your presentation puts Shepherd’s Pie into a whole new category — gourmet Shepherd’s pie! Love it!

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