Sydney Opera House presents Alisa Weilerstein FREE $300 Concert Tickets & Food Voucher Giveaway!

(Photo credit: Jamie Jung)

(Photo credit: Jamie Jung)

 “Her technical abilities serve a taste for sweet and intensity. She performs with soulful expresssion and physical abandon”

                                                                                          ~ New York Times 

In Sydney for its maiden tour, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra is performing a rare one concert only at 7pm on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 featuring stellar American cellist, Alisa Weilerstein.

ChopinandMysaucepan is giving away 2 free tickets worth $220 and a $80 food voucher valid at any of the Opera Kitchen food stalls at the Sydney Opera House* – Total Value $300 !!

*Terms and conditions apply 
Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


Henze Sonata for strings
Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1. Op.107
Dvorák Symphony No. 9 in E minor From the New World, popularly known as the New World Symphony

Soloist: Alisa Weilerstein, cello

Shostakovich’s white-knuckle cello concerto is the ideal vehicle for Alisa Weilerstein, whose intense and dramatic reading of this work has a devastating power. Shostakovich is emblematic of the bitter facts of Soviet Russian life.

However, Dvorák’s Symphony No.9 is the optimistic opposite, born in a new world. This portrait of the golden age of 19th-Century America was premiered, aptly, in Carnegie Hall. Both are ideal showcases for the brilliant Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Photo credit:

The finest musicians from over 20 European countries, stellar conductors and a globetrotting schedule, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (MCO) is one of the most acclaimed ensembles on the scene. MCO was established 15 years ago by luminary conductor Claudio Abbado with the vision of being an independent international orchestra of the highest calibre.

By 2008, the French newspaper Le Monde was calling the MCO “the best orchestra in the world”. The core membership of 45 musicians live all over Europe and tour up to 200 days a year, in repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary, and from opera to symphonies.
Whatever they play, they play with a ‘chamber’ philosophy: intimate interplay between musicians, intensity and attentiveness. Every concert is an adventure.

This sole concert will feature star American cellist Alisa Weilerstein who will perform works by Hense, Shostakovich and Dvorak.

Alisa Weilerstein, cello

Alisa Weilerstein has quickly become one of the most sought-after musicians of her generation and the heir-apparent to the title of Great American Cellist. Intense, sensitive and spontaneous, Weilerstein is a natural communicator as well as a commanding virtuoso.

Alisa Weilerstein (Photo credit: Jamie Jung)

Alisa Weilerstein (Photo credit: Jamie Jung)

In 2011, her accomplishments were recognised with a MacArthur Fellowship, the ‘Genius Grant’ which frees its recipients to pursue their art to its highest peaks. She’s just 30 years old and her CV already lists the accomplishments of an international soloist: the A-list orchestras and star conductors she’s worked with. But what quickly becomes apparent when watching her is that Weilerstein is completely in love with the cello, with performing and with her fellow musicians.

Weilerstein performs the emotionally and technically demanding First Cello Concerto of Dmitri Shostakovich, one of the most searing musical statements in 20th century music.

Sorrowful and sarcastic, bitter and biting, the cello concerto, like many of Shostakovich’s best works is a deeply, almost disturbing, personal utterance, embroidered with his own musical ‘monogram’.

The Independent says it best: “Weilerstein was the complete musical actress whose orations from hushed and furtive and fearful to ferociously assertive were gripping in the extreme.  We must cast our minds back to Rostropovich to remember an account of the slow movement as potent and technically accomplished as this.”

Alisa Weilerstein plays Camille Saint Saens’ Le Cyne for President Barack Obama at the White House, 2009


Sydney Opera House – FREE $300 Concert Tickets & Food Voucher Giveaway

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5. One (1) lucky reader will win two (2) tickets to the Mahler Chamber Orchestra concert (valued at $110 each) 7pm on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 featuring stellar American cellist, Alisa Weilerstein and a food voucher worth $80 redeemable at any Opera Kitchen food stalls at the Sydney Opera House on the day of the performance. Terms and conditions apply to the tickets and food voucher based on Sydney Opera House policies and those of the respective F & B outlets.

6. This giveaway will close 5pm AEST (Sydney time) on  Friday, 7 June 2013.

7. The decision for the winner by ChopinandMysaucepan will be final.

8. The winner will be announced on ChopinandMysaucepan blog on Saturday, 8 June 2013 and directly contacted by email.

So start entering this giveaway and good luck!

ChopinandMysaucepan received complimentary tickets for the MCO concerts and would like to thank Sydney Opera House for sponsoring the tickets and food voucher for this giveaway.


What on at the Sydney Opera House?

The Sydney Opera House will be celebrating its 40th birthday in 2013 and has lined up an exciting program for its music lover.

The Utzon Music Series will showcase performance in the Utzon Room with a capacity of just 200 seats. This series is a rare opportunity to experience world renowned ensembles and soloists in a small and intimate setting.

Download a copy of the Utzon Music Series 2013 here.

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21 Responses to Sydney Opera House presents Alisa Weilerstein FREE $300 Concert Tickets & Food Voucher Giveaway!

  1. Annie Zhuang says:

    Ludovico Einaudi because he manages to combine the beauty of old, classical themed music with the light airy sounds of today to form beautiful modern contemporary music using electrical instruments to give pieces a very ephemeral feeling

  2. Tim Murphy says:

    Favourite music band: The Mars Volta. Reason: progressive rock at its finest.

  3. Kristina says:

    Josiah Hawley – Jazz and Alternative Pop artist because he is ridiculously good looking

  4. spitfiretommy says:

    in her prime Anne Sofie von Otter had the clearest most silver-toned lyrical mezzo voice with true bel canto agility and precision, clarity of tone throughout her range and consummate musicianship and interpretation. luckily she has been a prolific recording artist throughout her career and will be a stalwart of the white shirt canon. *insert opera fandom haggling and debate*

  5. milkteaxx says:

    i dont know much about classical music but i have always wanted to be introduced to it, maybe you can help me out there?

    • Chopinand says:

      Dear Amy,

      Classical music is timeless and I am confident the works of the great composers will transcend time, human psychology and emotion.

      An introduction to classical music may involve an initial appreciation for the sounds created by instruments of the classical orchestra. Then, you may recall a few favourite tunes you have enjoyed in the past.

      Once you begin to understand the meaning and logic behind the great classical works, you will soon begin to appreciate why they have really stood the test of time.

      Feel free to contact me if you need more information and I would be happy to assist.

  6. Roberta says:

    At a time where electro/ pop/ synthetic rock music reigns as mainstream, I must say my favourite musician is currently Birdy. Not only is her interpretation of music pure and simple, her innocent appeal allows her to compete with the new popular genres showing her ability to simply relate to people and not conform. She was stunning in a recently packed out Opera House performance, with some of her performances raw and haunting.

  7. Adriene says:

    I love Ozzy Osbourne he combined exotic cuisine with performing when he bit the head off a bat on stage!

  8. Adriene says:

    I’ve followed ChopinandMysaucepan on twitter :)

  9. Adriene says:

    I’ve like ChopinandMysaucepan on Facebook.

  10. Adriene says:

    Sammy Davis Junior because he made food sound so sexy! He sang, “The candyman can, ’cause he’s mixing it with love.”

  11. Adriene says:

    It’s hard to choose only one favourite musician. I’m torn between Fats Domino and Chubby Checker. They are both so… appetising!

  12. Adriene says:

    Hot Chocolate because they are such ‘sexy things’!

  13. Adriene says:

    Weird Al Yankovic because he got it right when he said, “Just eat it!”

    And later, “I’m fat,” but of course.

  14. Adriene says:

    UB40 for their lovely Red Red Wine but I’d recommend them to savour the entire spectrum of vino. White, yellow, pink, orange, et cetera. Why discriminate?

  15. Adriene says:

    Sir Mix-A-Lot is another winner with their gem “Buttermilk Biscuits”

    He provided this excellent eating and environmental tip!
    “Don’t make a difference what food you make
    Use buttermilk biscuits to clean your plate.”

    Oh yeah.

  16. Adriene says:

    Presidents of the United States of America for their “millions of peaches, peaches for free”

    Yes please.

  17. Chris Hughes says:

    Hi Chopin and saucepan

    I am interested in the cello and love Shostakovich.
    My favourite classical musician of recent times is Nigel Kennedy. Nigel has a superb classical technique, making old favourites like Vivaldi sound fresh, as well being able to demand 2 to 3 full days practice with the SSO when in Sydney.
    Not only is Nigel a great classicist, but his ground breaking interpretations of Jimi Hendrix hits (on the Kennedy Experience album) show his great versatility.
    He is also a fine jazz performer, with his Polish jazz ensemble..
    It would be great to attend the Mahler Chamber Orchestra concert.
    Thanks, and kind regards
    Chris Hughes

  18. Paul M. says:

    My guilty pleasure, and favourite music group is ABBA. I know, I know, its tragic but sometimes you just need music that makes you feel good. I will not admit this though to anyone i know.

  19. Paul M. says:

    I’ve followed ChopinandMysaucepan on twitter.

  20. Tracey Whelan says:

    I think the violin is the most seductive and emotive of all musical instruments.

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