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Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, Western Australia

Till this day, my mum still reminisces about a Leeuwin Estate seafood bouillabaisse so exquisite at a dinner which dates back to December 2004. To me, this must surely be the definition of an “unforgettable dish” at a restaurant. For … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2015 ~ A Feast For Our Tummies

Time passes really quickly when you are having a good time but we prefer to say time passes really quickly when there is so much food and so little time! ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ More related posts by ChopinandMysaucepan:Harvest Buffet, The Star Sydney … Continue reading

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Firedoor, Surry Hills

This piece of meat is good but at $138, it epitomizes the economic concept of diminishing marginal returns. ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ There’s apple, cherry, pear, orange, olive and pecan on the menu though it’s not meant to be put into your mouth. Instead, … Continue reading

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Cafe Paci, Darlinghurst

“There’s prawn oil, meat, tomato and melted cheese.  It’s like eating a deconstructed pizza, except I prefer the comforts of a regular pizza” ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ More related posts by ChopinandMysaucepan:SYDNAYSIA, The Rise of Sydney’s Asian Street Food In Search of Sydney’s … Continue reading

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Tramontina Churrasco Feast

This picanha churrasco sizzling away on the griddle is sexier than a dozen half naked Brazilian girls doing the samba in my face. ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ More related posts by ChopinandMysaucepan:Modern Japanese Inspirations from Cho Cho San

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Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

“My father came to Australia in 1971 literally with just the shirt on his back. As humble migrants from Croatia, our family worked extremely hard. And this is where we are today” ~ Anthony Puharich, Owner of Vic’s Premium Quality … Continue reading

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MEAT DISTRICT CO. has thrown down the gauntlet, joining Sydney’s burgeoning burger warfare with ten different burgers on its menu. A hefty cheeseburger with bacon and aged cheddar costs just twelve bucks. It comes with caramelized onions, pickles, house sauce … Continue reading

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Manta Restaurant & Bar, Woolloomooloo

“A Northern Territory steamed mud crab is vibrant orange head shell perched over dangly legs, beady eyes staring at us” ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ “It’s a seafood restaurant?” Mysaucepan asks. “Well, there are a few decent chunks of meat on the menu too” I reply.

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PROVENCE by Antoine, Concord

“Sous vide for up to sixteen hours at seventy-five degrees Celsius, this rib bone slides out of the meat like a hunting knife from its holster” ~~~~~~~~O~~~~~~~~ “Hey, Antoine just opened a new restaurant!” Mysaucepan declares excitedly. More related posts … Continue reading

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Beef Wellington

I have never been quite a fan of beef Wellington because cooking it well requires a certain level of skill and timing, which is probably why I’ve never attempted it. And the ones that I have tasted before seemed like … Continue reading

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