Yummy Yummy, Crows Nest, Sydney

Fresh mud crab with glass noodles $78.00 (Market price)

Mud crab with glass noodles $78.00 (Market price)

UPDATE: 15 December 2011 – Sadly, this restaurant has permanently closed for business. We had some great meals and memories there.

Hopefully the owners Raymond and Po Po will start again somewhere to offer Sydney diners their wonderful food. We wish them well.


It is rather unusual when the name of your neighbourhood chinese restaurant does not include blase words like “golden”, “dragon”, “swallow”, “jade”, “palace” or “kingdom”. Therefore, when a chinese restaurant called Yummy Yummy opened its doors, we were intrigued by the name. The actual name is AYummy Yummy Chinese Cuisine which, in my opinion, is perhaps an attempt to rank more favourably in an alphabetical directory of restaurants.

Since our first visit there about three years ago, we have frequented this restaurant time and again. Apart from a few signature dishes that hits the mark every time, hosts Raymond and Popo are ever so friendly and courteous with their recommendations of choice dishes in this cosy restaurant in the heart of Crows Nest.

Tonight, we are dining with our friends Joanna and Giuliano who have not been to this restaurant that we have been raving about.

Fresh mud crab with glass noodles $78.00 (Market price)

Mud crab with glass noodles $78.00 (Market price)

The main reason we come back here is to savour the signature mud crab with glass noodles that is served in a large claypot. The mud crab and glass noodles have been stir-fried with mince pork and dehydrated shrimps which are packed with flavours. This dish is a hit every time we bring friends to this restaurant.

Salt and pepper squid

Salt and pepper squid $18

A salt and pepper squid is light and fluffy. The salt and pepper batter is subtle andsome diced shallots and deep-fried onions give this dish an extra lift. The red wine we are drinking tonight is bringing out the peppery and salty flavours of the squid beautifully.

2010 Tempranillo Grenache Shiraz from Chateau Tanundra

2010 Tempranillo Grenache Shiraz from Chateau Tanundra

We are drinking a 2010 Tempranillo Grenache Shiraz from Chateau Tanundra in the Barossa Valley. This wine has smooth tannins and some spicy undertones that is enhancing the pepper flavour of a stir-fried black pepper beef with green onions and button mushrooms.

 Stir-fried black pepper beef with green onions and button mushrooms

Stir-fried black pepper beef with green onions and button mushrooms $23

The beef is extremely tender and its wok flavours bold with crushed black pepper.

Yam ring with stir-fried vegetables

Yam ring with stir-fried vegetables $28

Another favourite dish that we never fail to order is the yam ring with stir-fried vegetables. A large yam cylinder deep-fried until golden brown is stuffed with stir-fried shitake  and enoki mushrooms, baby corn, water chestnuts, black and white fungus, button mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The yam is crispy on the outside, meltingly soft inside and is accompanied by a flavoursome oyster sauce and steamed baby bok choy.

‘King To’ spareribs

‘King To’ spareribs $22

A ‘King To’ spareribs is succulent with a tangy plum sauce and julienne green onions.This dish is as good as any chinese restaurant can dish out in Sydney.

Chinese pancake with redbean paste

Chinese pancake with redbean paste

Dessert is a complimentary chinese pancake with redbean paste and each crispy piece is a beautiful sweet and savoury mouthful.

(Note: Another signature dish which we usually order but did not do so tonight is  a slow-braised pork trotters with sour plum sauce.)

So dear readers, what is your favourite dish in a chinese restaurant? (Minus points for anyone who says lemon chicken!)

AYummy Yummy Chinese Cuisine
11 Alexander street
Crows Nest 2065
Sydney, New South Wales
+612 9966 8877

Chateau Tanundra
9 Basedow road
Tanundra, 5352
South Australia
+618 8563 3888

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12 Responses to Yummy Yummy, Crows Nest, Sydney

  1. Food looks yummy, a placement at the front of the directory is perhaps well earned:) The effect is probably negative though – people will look under Y. Its been a while since I’ve eaten sweet and sour pork! Lemon chicken is not on top of my list

  2. The food looks interesting. I will leave it at that!

  3. oh man the crab with noodles looks delish!

  4. Never thought about checking this place out, but I will check it out next time. Red bean pancake is my favourite Chinese restaurant dessert. My family likes their crab with ginger and shallot and yi mein base :)

  5. LeQuan says:

    Wow, this sounds like a great place. Too funny on the “A”Yummy Yummy name, but I think you’re right. Very smart of them though, you’d have to say. Anyways, from my experiences of Chinese restaurants, how delicious the food is is not reflected in the name or even the decor, but in the actual dish. I’ve found some of the best dishes in restaurants you would expect just by looking at their decor, mostly in HK though.

    That mud crab dish looks and sounds amazing, never had it before. I really like the squid dish too. I could eat a whole plate of that on my own. My two favorite dishes to order at a Chinese restaurant are the salt and pepper shrimp and the morning glory stir fried with fermented bean paste and chilies. Now you’re making me hungry. Haha.

  6. sugarpuffi says:

    mmm…deep fried yam ring. dont u wish to just order that alone? screw the vegs

  7. Juliana says:

    Oh! I just finish my lunch, but I am hungry again just by looking at this pictures…everything looks fabulous…the crab looks so yummie with the glass noddles.
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  8. AYummy Yummy Chinese Cuisine? Seriously? 😀 Okay, I totally agree, that must have to do with alphabetical ranking order! 😉

    Did that crab come there, in the middle of the noodles? 😯 I’m always astonished when I see whole parts of animals cooked into a dish and actually wonder, “How you *eat* that?!” 😀

  9. I used to love crab and enjoy eating it until I found I’m allergic to crab (how sad!). I just enjoyed looking at what you ate. Haha. Looks delicious and you take great food pictures!

  10. Chopinand says:

    Hi Three-Cookies, I think you are right about the directory.

    Hi Maris, yes the food is great :)

    Hi chocolatesuze, that’s what we came here for.

    Hi Dumpling Girl, I’m pretty sure they do the ginger shallots with yi mien base style as well.

    Hi LeQuan, the salt and pepper squid is done pretty well too.

    Hi sugarpuffi, the yam ring is very similar to “wu gok” in yum cha which is also one of my favourites.

    Hi Juliana, the crab is really flavoursome with the noodles.

    Hi Kath, I think the crab is cut into pieces and then stir-fried with the noodles.

    Hi Nami, it’s not good to be allergic to crab if one live in a seafood paradise like Sydney. :)

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  12. Melissa Loh says:

    Oh, yum! Yam ring! I love it when they are on a thick bed of deep fried puffed vermicelli. That restaurant looks like it has some really authentic Asian food going on there.

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