Hotel Mosman, Sydney

Porterhouse steak at Hotel Mosman $7.90

Porterhouse steak at Hotel Mosman $7.90

It’s more than 6 years since Forresters Hotel in Surry Hills claimed to be the first establishment offering a $5 dollar steak in Sydney. Do these deals exist anymore and if so, do they come with a condition such as buying a drink to be eligible?

Dining room, Hotel Mosman

Dining room, Hotel Mosman

We were recently back at Hotel Mosman and came across a tempting proposition on its menu – The Home of the $7.90 Porterhouse Steak. This offer is available for lunch on any day of the week and does not have an obligatory drink purchase as a condition unlike some hotels and pubs. Despite this seemingly great offer, there were very few lunch time diners on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. We wonder if this is a good sign but decided to give this place a go as it has been a long time since we were last here.

Porterhouse steak at Hotel Mosman $7.90

Porterhouse steak at Hotel Mosman $7.90

The steak comes in the form of a pretty hefty sirloin sitting on top of potato mash. I opted for medium rare with mushroom sauce (on the side) from the other choices of red wine jus and bernaise sauce. The steak is nicely seared on the outside, tender and juicy inside. Although the mash could be a little more creamy and the mushroom sauce a little more thick and bold, I cannot fault this deal – a decent piece of meat nicely cooked.

Lemon lime bitters $3.50

Lemon lime bitters $3.50

Lemon lime bitters is one of my favourite non-alcoholic beverages because it is so refreshing.

Beer battered fish and chips $11.90

Beer battered fish and chips $11.90

Mysaucepan orders the beer battered fish and chips and it arrives with three generous pieces of flathead cooked to a golden brown crisp accompanied by thick cut chips and tartare sauce. The fish is fresh and succulent and this to me is simple pub food done well and without fuss.

Wedding at Boronia House, Mosman

Wedding at Boronia House, Mosman

We peer through the window next to our table and get a glimpse of a happy union happening in Boronia House next door as we dined.  This scene is a sweet accompaniment to our meal.

Bar at Hotel Mosman

Bar at Hotel Mosman

If you are looking for good, simple food with great value, I would give Hotel Mosman the thumbs up.

So dear readers, do you know of any great value meals around Sydney pubs and hotels that you can share?

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Hotel Mosman
(Beside Boronia House)
634 Military Road Mosman
New South Wales 2088
Tel: +612 9960 6877

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18 Responses to Hotel Mosman, Sydney

  1. These are such beautiful pictures and you managed to top it off with someones wedding! Happiness! Have a great weekend!

  2. We used to live near here and often wondered about the steaks. Good to know that the steaks are good. Also quite surprising that there isn’t an obligatory drink order too!

  3. Jen says:

    Hard to find a cheap steak that is actually well cooked these days.
    Lemon lime bitters is my favourite soft drink too, but with a touch of vodka, it becomes my favourite bar drink ;).

  4. I want that steak! 😀 (And I could actually afford it. ;))

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh fish & chips!!! I first wanted the steak, but after seeing fish & chips, I’m going with that. Lately I’ve been craving for GOOD fish and chips. Looks like this place is good. Lemon lime bitters is like Lemonade with lime? I never heard of it, and I wonder if this is universal thing…

  6. Dolly says:

    $7.90 thats got to be good value!

    cheapest ive had is $10 at cargo and a pub in surry hill .. not great tbh.

  7. tigerfish says:

    Either the steak is really cheap (and good) or your photos are playing tricks on me. It is a huge piece of steak for just $7.90! ;p

  8. That’s really really great value, love deals like these!

  9. JasmyneTea says:

    How surprising! I wouldn’t have expected Mosman to have prices like this, you normally see it out Blacktown way, except the food doesn’t look nearly as delicious!

  10. Carolyn Jung says:

    At first I thought my eyes must be deceiving me. Surely, that caption said “$79 steak,” not “$7.90.” Unbelievable that a deal like that exists outside a Vegas casino. And this steak looks far, far better than those, too. If my hubby and I lived in Australia, he’d be there every lunch time for this. 😉

  11. Wow that’s a great deal, especially as it actually tasted good. lol. We’ve had some fantastic cheap steaks at St James Hotel, and the Lansdowne is always good for a bargain.

  12. That is a great deal indeed -and what a big portion! Must be a nice hotel to have a wedding there =)

  13. Not a steak person but the fish and chips is calling me. :)

  14. When I use to work around the area, the guys at my work use to love coming here for the cheap steaks. I can certainly see why now.

  15. Chopinand says:

    Hi Maris, that wedding through the window was beautiful.

    Hi Lorraine, the steak is pretty good for the price.

    Hi Jen, I’m curious about the vodka, might make for myself now :)

    Hi Kath, the steak is practically a give away!

    Hi Nami, I should correct myself because this drink actually have some alcohol so it’s technically alcoholic (but in very small amounts). Bitters is made from vegetable flavouring extract which has a very high concentration of alcohol, even more than spirits. But all you need is a few drops of the bitters into the lemonade and it’s add a very subtle bitter flavour.

    Hi Dolly, yes I think it’s an absolute steal because it a nice piece of meat.

    Hi tigerfish, no camera tricks here.

    Hi leaf, it’s a great deal!

    Hi JasmyneTea, the deal has been at Mosman for a while now.

    Hi Carolyn, it’s probably true only the Vegas casinos steaks can top this value and those steaks are twice the size too!

    Hi Helen, I love the bargains at Landsdowne too.

    Hi Lucy, yes pretty good deal.

    Hi Ching, the fish and chips was also good!

    Hi Dumpling Girl, most guys would find the steaks hard to resist!

  16. Nothing like really good pub food is there., sounds like you found a real winner there too.

  17. lifeis2munch says:

    Fringe bar at Paddington has steak for $10 and you get to choose from 3 different sauce =D We tried mushroom sauce and pepper sauce. Both were pretty good and value for money.

  18. Susan says:

    Oh how I miss the Forrester’s $5 meal. I always used to get the chicken breast cooked with asian greens, cause I was trying to be healthy.

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