Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

 Seared to golden brown and laced with sweet potato
cous cous, rocket leaves, pearls of red pomegranate 
and Persian feta,
this barramundi fillet is like an Ancient king among dotting princesses.


It has been years since my last visit to The Longueville Hotel, fondly known as The Longy among locals. Located on Longueville road with so many shops, cafe and restaurants, this local watering hole has been the mainstay of Lane Cove‘s village atmosphere for as long as I can remember.

With a kind invitation from executive chef  and operator Greg Bookallil who also oversees the food at The Bayview Hotel in Gladesville with head chef Jeremy Powis, I am here with my friends Molly and KC to check out his new menu that comes with a newly refurbished front bar and bistro.

The Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove 

Cocktail bar, Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

Cocktail bar, Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

It is noon on Friday and the lunch crowd has yet to arrive.

The cocktail bar is stylish with bar dining options and communal seating while a private room offers more intimacy for groups of up to twelve diners.

We can see why The Longy took out the winner’s gong for Best Casual Dining Venue (City North) in the recent AHA Awards for Excellence 2014. The vibe in this dining room is friendly with a comfortable and pleasant decor.

Craft beer and tapas tasting board

King prawn and avocado

King prawn and avocado

Greg sends out a craft beer and tapas tasting board that showcases king prawn avocado, pulled pork croquettes and a fennel salt calamari slider. Accompanied by Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Peroni Mediterranean Lager and Cricketers Arms Keppers Lager, this entree and beer sampler is fantastic value at $23.

Three plump and juicy Queensland tiger prawns are cradling smashed avocado guacamole on rye tortilla topped with tomato salsa and a sprinkle of spicy Japanese style togarashi shichimi. This mouthful truly encompasses the essence of a beautiful summer day in Sydney.

Pulled pork croquettes

Pulled pork croquettes

Beautiful beer food  comes in the form of pulled pork croquettes.

Deep fried to golden brown, it is crusty with hearty strands of meat, thyme, potato and spec bacon inside.

Mini squid slider

Mini squid slider

A mini slider ensures we are not too loaded up before our mains with a tender strip of squid, chorizo and fennel salad in a little sesame bun.

Goat’s cheese and leek tart 

Goat's cheese and leek tart $14

Goat's cheese and leek tart $14

The filo pastry in a leek tart is beautifully crisp and flaky. Sitting on a bed of tomato and basil salsa, this tart is filled with goat’s cheese, beetroot, candied walnuts and rocket leaves.

A ring of apple balsamic vinegar offers a tangy sweet accompaniment to one of the most elegant tarts I have tasted.

A. Retief Cabernet Blend $9.50

A Retief cabernet blend $9.50

A Retief cabernet blend has hints of chocolate and spice with a medium finish.

Scotch fillet steak 300gm 

300gm Scotch fillet steak

Scotch fillet steak 300gm $30

Molly’s scotch fillet steak is sitting on green beans, cherry tomato, chunks of lardoon, kipfler potato and wine juice.

Topped with crisp onion rings, this steak is an enticing interpretation of a meat and three veges on a plate.

Dry aged rib eye steak 500gm 

Dry aged rib eye steak 500gm $39

Dry aged rib eye steak 500gm $39

My 500gm dry aged rib eye is beautiful piece of meat with smoky charred aromas. It arrives with pepper sauce on the side, garlic mash and a small plate of what appears to be onion and tomato relish.

I request for some Dijon as I normally do. But it is also because the onion and tomato relish is way too sweet for the steak. As a condiment, it looks pretty but that’s about all. This red relish reminds me of the temptress behind the bar in a western movie trying to woo the cowboys who are more interested in their beers.

The clump of mashed potato can take on better presentation, let alone more buttery decadence. So much wholesome butter in our country has elevated the humble mashed potato at many restaurants to become a star in itself.

Pan fried barramundi fillet  

Pan fried barramundi fillet $28

Pan fried barramundi fillet $28

KC chooses a pan fried barramundi fillet from the specials menu.

Seared to golden brown and laced with sweet potato cous cous, rocket leaves, pearls of red pomegranate and Persian feta, this barramundi fillet is like an Ancient king among dotting princesses.

Al fresco dining, Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

Al fresco dining, Longueville Hotel, Lane Cove

Al fresco dining is plentiful at the rear of the bistro and on a beautiful day like this, lunching out here with a beer or two is quite special.

Dark chocolate and salted caramel sundae 

Dark chocolate and salted caramel sundae $14

Dark chocolate and salted caramel sundae $14

I can see kids going gaga with a salted caramel sundae topped with roasted hazelnuts, chocolate wafer, pistachio crisps, candy floss and warm Belgian chocolate sauce.

Cinnamon pannacotta

Cinnamon pannacotta $14

Cinnamon pannacotta $14

Candy floss on a cinnamon pannacotta seems a little strange to me.

I would have preferred the textural contrast of crumbed hazelnuts instead though basil and balsamic strawberries are a sweet and worthy partner.  Notwithstanding the blond hair look, this pannacotta can be softer and more velvety.

The Longy’s menu is enticing with a good selection of pizzas, salads, burgers, steaks and kids meals for families during weekends. The mains on offer include spiced rub corn fed chicken, sesame crusted Atlantic salmon, pan-fried snapper and angel hair pasta with interesting combinations of salad using cous cous, Persian fetta, mango chutney and tarragon salsa.

I am keen to come back and check out pub classics like a Porky’s Deluxe pizza or a roasted spring lamb rump with spatzle, caramelised pea, spec, brussels sprouts and rosemary jus.

The Longy as it is fondly known, Lane Cove

The Longy as it is fondly known, Lane Cove

So dear readers, which is your favourite pub grub in Sydney?

ChopinandMysaucepan dined as guests of executive chef and operator Greg Bookallil and The Longueville Hotel. All prices are included for readers’ information. All views and opinions in this blog post are our own at the day of attendance.

Longueville Hotel

80 Longueville road, Lane Cove
New South Wales

Tel: +61 2 9427 2021

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Bar hours: Monday – Wednesday 10am to 12am, Thursday 10am – 1am, Friday & Saturday 10am – 2am, Sunday 11am – 12am

Bistro hours: Monday – Wednesday 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm, Thursday 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 11.30am – 10pm, Sunday 11.30am – 9.30pm

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  1. It ALL looks so good but pulled pork croquettes?? Get outta here! What a fantastic idea!

  2. Never had a squid slider before! The panfried barra looks tasty too.

  3. The Longy! Hurrah for the Longy!! I was really impressed after their last overhaul. Prior to that I didn’t frequent it much (well, not at all!) but since then, I go regularly because my best friend lives in Lane Cove. I really like it! Great atmosphere for Sunday lunch :) And dinners! Very cosy.

  4. It looks so nice and spacious :)
    But the pulled pork croquettes are totally calling for me

  5. Juliana says:

    YUM! I would be content with the tapas…they look so good…
    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  6. I love the idea of sweet potato and pomegranate with the barramundi – an interesting combo of flavours.

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