Racine Restaurant, Orange

Broad beans, peas, pea puree and slow-cooked hen's egg (61C)

Broad beans, peas, pea puree and slow-cooked hen's egg (61C)

Our recent weekend away to Orange was truly a memorable where the highlight was lunch at Racine Restaurant.

Racine Restaurant, Orange, New South Wales

Racine Restaurant, Orange, New South Wales

The dish that left us raving about fresh, hearty country produce and the deft skills of chef Shaun Arantz is the signature entree of broad beans, fresh peas, pea puree and a slow-cooked hen’s egg at 61 degrees celcius.

Broad beans, peas, pea puree and slow-cooked hen's egg (61C)

Broad beans, peas, pea puree and slow-cooked hen's egg (61C)

The colour of the free range egg yolk was strikingly orange and contrasted deeply with the bright green freshness of the peas and broadbeans. A good olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper brought out the honest flavours of this beautiful countryside which we have yet to experience in any Sydney restaurant.

The mains and desserts are just another striking story.

As we headed back to Sydney, the sea of yellow canola fields left us with yet another beautiful image of Orange, truly a sweet heart of New South Wales.

Canola fields along Excort Way, Orange

Canola fields along Excort Way, Orange

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Racine Restaurant
42 Canabolas Road, Orange 2800

(02) 63653275

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13 Responses to Racine Restaurant, Orange

  1. Manu says:

    This looks so good. I have never been to Orange, but this restaurant sounds amazing! You have a great blog, I have bookmarked it! :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, and glad to have discovered your blog. I see what you mean about ingredients, I browsed your recipes and was very pleased to see that occasionally amounts were not mentioned. Accurate amounts are more critical for baking, for cooking we can vary based on mood and availability:)

    Bright green peas and sunny orange yolk look fantastic

  3. I have always wanted to taste this dish. Look yummy.

  4. On our trip to Orange we almost went here. It gets great reviews but we ended up going to Lolli Redini instead which was lovely too. I’m interested to see what the main and dessert were like :)

  5. OohLookBel says:

    The last time I went to Orange was for a school excursion. We ate at a milk bar. What I wouldn’t give for a 61 degree poached egg right now…

  6. Arnold Fornachou says:

    Remarkably elegant looking dish. But the highlight must surely be the clever Mapplethorpe-ish phototgraphy with that fish-eye lens effect using the soup spoon; catching the reflection of the talented photographer! 😉

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Arnie, very observant and perceptive! Yes the fish-eye lens effect was great, wished we had Mysaucepan‘s new camera then but the pics turned out pretty good with our trusty pocket cam :)

  7. This poached egg looks just wonderful! May I have it? 😀 And can you believe I’ve never made poached eggs myself? I really need to learn how to do it because it’s my favorite way to eat eggs.

    • Chopinand says:

      This dish was one of the most memorable. So I tried to do it at home but it did not turn out quite the same. The egg needs to be very delicately poached at 61 degree Celcius (talk about being precise!!) as mentioned in the restaurant menu.

      • 😯

        I had no idea poaching eggs was such a scientific endeavor! Hm. I think I’ll just try it out. 😉

        *wave wave* to your wife in the spoon! (I think it’s her because it looks like it’s your hand that holds the spoon. Very nice piano hand. 😀

        • Chopinand says:

          The person holding the spoon is actually my best man at my wedding. I’m the guy next to my wife in the reflection.

          I will let him know although he doesn’t play the piano. :)

  8. Willa Arantz says:

    Hi There,

    I am the owner of Racine and wife of the chef. Just wanted to say thank you for this lovely blog, I am so glad you enjoyed it so much, this kind of reaction makes my day. We are getting lots of great feedback along these lines and we really work hard to give a great experience to every customer, so it’s lovely when people acknowledge so publicly, at the moment we are a bit of an undiscovered secret, so thank you for spreading the word. There is some great food and wine in Orange, not to mention scenery, so everyone should visit and… our new menu is even better!

    Thanks again for the great ‘review’, I hope to see you again.

    All the best, Willa Arantz

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Willa,

      Thank you for visiting our blog. We remember you because you took care of us so well and made our dining experience truly memorable. We have told all our foodie friends about your beautiful restaurant. We sincerely think your establishment deserves a SMH hat to acknowledge the great work you and Shaun are doing.

      This entree left such an impression we just wanted to highlight it here and will write about the beautiful mains in Part 2. We tried to replicate this dish at home but obviously it’s no comparison to Shaun’s masterpiece.

      We will definitely visit you again on our next trip to Orange and sample your new menu. Hopefully, this entree will remain because it is unforgettable!

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