The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville

The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville

Luscious chunks of lobster meat is villain food in a James Bond movie.
But Bond is not the hero here.
It is the tempestuous villain girl in a pillowy brioche with her buttery decadence.


What do Jimmy Barnes, Michael Hutchence and a lobster roll have in common?

With a new moniker, the old Bayview Tavern along busy Victoria road in Gladesville is buried and gone. Designers Humphrey & Edwards Architects who gave CHISWICK its understated yet elegant dining room have re-invogorated a space with a proud heritage of staging some of Australia’s most iconic rock bands.

Publican Rod Pittorino and owner James Hannon are determined to preserve the rich history of an old stomping ground for Cold Chisel, INXS, The Angels, The Radiators, The Church and many more legends from the face of Aussie rock in the 1970’s.

The second re-incarnation of this Aussie rock institution is the kitchen menu, given a peppy makeover from executive chef and operator Greg Bookallil who also oversees the food at The Longy Bistro at Longueville Hotel in Lane Cove. Together with new head chef Craig Wright who tended the burners with Greg Doyle at The Pier in Rose Bay, they are promising an exciting take on pub fare with a focus on seasonal produce.

So with a kind invitation from chef Bookallil, I am here with Towkayso to check out his deal that comes with new zeal.

The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville 

Bar at The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville

Bar at The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville

I can see why it was previously called a tavern.

After a few schooners at the huge long bar, this setting must have been ideal for aspiring rock stars of yesteryear to sign that lucrative contract with record companies.

Pulled pork empanada 

Pulled pork empanada $12.90

Pulled pork empanada $12.90

Pastry on three empanada can be more crisp and strands of succulent pulled pork can take on more seasoning.

But a chocolate mole dipping sauce is clever and adds more Spanish flavour to this Latin American favourite.

Lobster roll 

Lobster roll $15

Lobster roll $15

Chef Bookallil has jumped on board Sydney and Melbourne’s recent obsession with the decadent lobster roll (Cover image above).

Lobster roll

Lobster roll

Luscious chunks of lobster meat with squiggles of kewpie mayo is villain food in a James Bond movie. But Bond is not the hero here.

It is the tempestuous villain girl in a pillowy brioche with her buttery decadence.

Baby squid 

Baby squid $13.90

Baby squid $13.90

It is so easy to overcook squid, especially when they are little babies.

Chef Bookallil has cooked these succulent little morsels for no less than 30 seconds and paired it with chilli gremolata, crispy ginger panko and a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s a citrusy and spicy Pan-Asian flavour I am happy to mop up with a smoky slice of grilled bread.

Margherita pizza 

Margherita pizza $16.50

Margherita pizza $16.50

Margherita pizza is topped with sundried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and a spiral of basil pesto.

Personally, I find the crust “biscuity” and the basil pesto too sweet for my liking. I would have preferred fresh basil leaves, a good old slather of passata and melting mozzarella with shaved parmesan. Or perhaps my love affair with a favourite margherita in a humble Sydney Italian restaurant over the past 25 years still brings a glow to my heart.

 Chef’s butchers board

Chef's butchers board $28.90

Chef's butchers board $28.90

And did my heart glow when chef Bookallil platters a chef’s butchers board before us.

Sticky pork ribs, pork belly, slow-cooked lamb shoulder and American style flat-iron steak make up the quartet for a meatlover’s dream.

The smoky, along-the-grain robust beef cut is my favourite though it is not about to jostle for attention with succulent ribs and crispy pork belly for texture.

Takeaway swan

Takeaway swan

Thanks to the chef, we are so well-fed I refuse for leftovers going to a waste. And our doggy bag takes the form of a swanny bag. It is new zeal at The Bayview Hotel and Michael Hutchence might not have tried Bookallil’s lobster roll.

But I’m pretty sure he would have approved.

So dear readers, which is is your favourite pub in Sydney?

ChopinandMysaucepand dined courtesy of Chef Greg Bookallil and The Bayview Hotel. All prices are included for readers’ information. All views and opinions are our own on the day of attendance.

The Bayview Hotel
166 Victoria road, Gladesville
New South Wales

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Tel: +61 2  9817 2632

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 10am to 12am, Thursday to Saturday 10am to 3am, Sunday 10am to 10pm

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10 Responses to The Bayview Hotel, Gladesville

  1. So exciting to see more lobster rolls popping up in Sydney!

    • Chopinand says:

      Dear Helen,

      I think the arrival of the lobster roll is long overdue since we have so much seafood in Sydney.

  2. Oh, I do love the way old and sometimes forgotten places are been given a new lease of life. Here in Hawke’s Bay what used to be old wool stores in Napier are now eateries and offices.

    Lobster rolls – yum – wish the obsession would hit small town NZ:)

    • Chopinand says:

      Dear Rachel,

      I love old places which are refurbished and they become more useful to our communities.

      When driving all over the south island of NZ, we came across those delightful lobster vans parked along the east coast going up to Kaikora selling fresh and cooked lobster with that awesome butter sauce. Looking back, they were definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

      And I don’t think a lobster roll is too difficult to replicate, you just need a soft buttered bun, good Japanese mayonnaise and some luscious lobster meat cooked in butter of course!

  3. There is an insane new found love for lobster rolls!!
    And that looks so generous!

  4. That Chef’s butchers board looks amazing! Great price too.

    Loving the big succulent pieces of lobster!!

  5. Maureen says:

    The pulled pork empanadas have won my heart. And the swan. I didn’t think restaurants did that any more. I don’t think I’ve seen one since the 80s. :)

  6. I absolutely adore the design on the margherita pizza 😀
    And I saw a lot of lobster rolls in America, people loved them!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. milkteaxx says:

    i love baby squid but lobster rolls are heaps better!

  8. Raymund says:

    Ohh look at that lobster roll, looks amazing

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