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Ristorante La Greppia, Parma, ITALY

“So what’s the highlight dish in Modena so far?” I ask Mysaucepan, after our third day feasting in this city? “Definitely my parmesan entree at Osteria Francescana” she says without hesitation. “Well, we tried some excellent aged balsamic and also toured … Continue reading

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Osteria Francescana, Modena, ITALY

Mysaucepan‘s mobile rings as we are driving from Venice to Bologna. “You mean there’s a table for two?” she shrieks with excitement, momentarily stirring my concentration as the speedo inches at 130 km per hour. Due to a cancellation, we … Continue reading

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Osteria Dell’Orsa, Bologna, Italy

After four glorious days in Venice, we took an early morning drive towards Modena, famous for its Ferrari factory and balsamic vinegar let alone the city where the 2016 best restaurant in the world resides. On the way, we made a point to have … Continue reading

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