Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

I can’t quite recall the last time I was caught in the rain, but I was caught yesterday afternoon rushing about in the city. The consolation was that I was with my wife, Mysaucepan. She managed to pull a fold up umbrella from her tiny bag which did not quite shield the driving rain but nevertheless stopped us from being totally drenched.

For today, we’ve decided to have a lazy Sunday at home and no sooner than later, our weekend banter drifts to the usual contemplation of what’s for dinner. I find it a little unsettling when MSP starts flipping her Gourmet Traveller magazines while I calmly catching up on my reading. I can sense she is restless so we eventually head off to buy ingredients for a mutually agreed recipe after an hour deciding whether we should cook Asian or Western. Dinner tonight will be a slow-braised lamb shoulder in spicy and tangy Thai curry sauce – a compromise between Asian and Western.   I prepare all the ingredients and settle down for a drink just before marinating the meat.

Ingredients for Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Ingredients for Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Fragrant lamb rub paste

Fragrant lamb rub paste

Slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Make deep incisions into meat

Marinate and insert paste into incisions

Marinate and insert paste into incisions

Have a drink ~ it's Sunday afternoon

Have a drink ~ it's Sunday afternoon

Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

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19 Responses to Thai style slow-cooked lamb shoulder

  1. Susan says:

    I love slow roasted lamb. Such a good idea to do it with an asian rub as well.

  2. Carolyn Jung says:

    Mmm, fall-apart lamb is a perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday. Heck, all Sundays should be so lazy good. 😉

  3. Thanks for dropping by earlier!

    Your food looks very good.. especially those red meat posts. Love the doneness!

  4. grace says:

    wow. i don’t fancy myself a lover of lamb, but this looks absolutely outstanding! that rub has some powerful, wonderful flavors in it. well done!

  5. Mmmm, I love the bit about letting it rest & having a few more drinks. Your Sunday sounds perfect & love the flavours you’ve infused into this little lambikan :)

  6. Wow, food and music, who’d thought it would work so deliciously!

  7. Love tamarind! Just started experimenting with it and how it gives curry that extra punch I had been looking for. This recipe looks delicious, love the spice combination and the recommendation to toast a bit for the fullest flavor.

  8. Diana says:

    Thank you for sharing the recipe.It is very easy to follow as well with the step by step pictures. This is good because I can wander in the garden while waiting for it to marinade and cook.

  9. Absolutely yummy! Love the sauce and the dried chili caught my attention first 😉 Sounds like the perfect Sunday! And perfect roast too :)

  10. Ahh can’t wait for the onset of weather – casserole time! Lamb shoulder is always a favourite but I’ve never tried it with tamarind!

  11. I’m in love with your little tree. Luckily the sight of your lamb broke me out from its spell :)

  12. You make it look so easy.

  13. I don’t normally prefer eating lamb, BUT!!! This looks good because of all the spices you add. I can tell it doesn’t smell/taste that particular lamb taste… (probably only I can tell). Going to keep this, my very first lamb recipe!

    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Nami, I do know the lamb “smell” you are talking about and if you are adverse to it, one way to remove it is to put the entire piece of lamb in simmering hot water for about 5 minutes, then pat dry and leave to cool before you marinate.

  14. mashi says:

    Yumm… I’m drooling at the thought of this. Will attempt to make this during the colder weather. Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe and for stopping by my blog x

    Happy easter long weekend!

  15. Kay Ecker says:

    Your lamb looks wonderful! What is your drink of choice? Is that scotch that I see? I like gin (Hendrick’s or Bombay) up with a twist or a Manhattan or aged barley shochu on the rocks :o) Looking forward to keeping in touch!


    • Chopinand says:

      Hi Kay,

      I love scotch on the rocks and usually it’s Ballantines, JW Black or Hankey Bannister. A good Gordon’s gin and tonic with a twist of lime is also a favourite!

      Cheers and happy cooking :)

  16. Fi McClune says:

    Looks great – going to try it tomorrow.
    What did you serve it with?

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